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Vladimir Putin pushed around Crimea, in Mariupol he looked at the apartments. “Here is a small piece of paradise”


On Saturday, March 18, the media circulated photos and recordings from Vladimir Putin’s visit to the Ukrainian Crimea annexed by the Russians.
His visit is associated with the ninth anniversary of the illegal connection of this peninsula by Moscow.


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Łukasiewicz: Russians can exhaust their initiative

Vladimir Putin in Crimea.
Then he was supposed to visit Mariupol and meet the inhabitants

As at every visit of Vladimir Putin, social media users see details on recordings that could reveal the health of the Russian President.
One of them shows how Putin is accompanied by a representative of the occupied authorities of Crimea Mychail Razwojew.
Advisor of the Minister of the Interior of Ukraine Anton Heraszczenko noticed the dictator’s gait.

“clearly limping Putin came to the occupied Crimea. Russian sources report about Putin’s visit to Sevastopol, which is the reason for the ‘celebration’ of the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea
” – said Heraszchenko.
On the recording, you can see that Putin slightly drips on his left leg and takes smaller steps.

Then there were recordings that show how Putin personally drives the car allegedly on the way to Mariupol – a city that was almost razed to the ground by Russian aggressors.

In the city, the dictator was greeted by several residents of one of the blocks, which was to be rebuilt by the Russians.
At first, he asked them if they liked the new buildings that were built for them.
The Russians said that “yes, very much”.
Then Vladimir Putin personally checked the condition of the property and looked at one of the apartments.

” – we stayed with nothing … But thank you for the victory … Here is a small patch of paradise – yes ‘residents’ Mariupola thank Putin, who murdered their loved ones, destroyed houses and received a normal life” –
commented on Maria Drutska from Ukraine.

After “travel” to Mariupol in Ukraine, Putin visited the generals in Rostów on Don.
He entered the meeting with the head of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Walerij Gierasimov.

Vladimir Putin appeared in Crimea a day after the International Criminal Court issued an order for his arrest.
-Hundreds of children from Ukrainian orphanages were taken to Russia, many of them were given to adoption.
We cannot allow children to be treated as war spoils – argued prosecutor Karim Khan.

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Blaszczak referred to Ukraine.
“We don’t want Olecko to be the second buzz”

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