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Volunteers who were injured in Ukraine will return to Poland? There is a commentary on Michał Dworczyk


On Saturday, the Polish assistance initiative “Nehemiasz” said that the two volunteers who lived in Poznań on a daily basis were wounded as a result of Russian shelling in the east of Ukraine.
Men are currently in a hospital in the Dnieper.
A citizen of Ukraine, who lives permanently in Poland, was more wounded, and a Polish citizen was harder, who suffered extensive injuries in the abdominal cavity.


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What help does Ukraine need now?

War in Ukraine.
Wounded volunteers in Ukraine will return to Poland?
There is a commentary on the Minister of the Prime Minister

On Sunday, March 19, Minister Michał Dworczyk said in an interview with PAP that there is no information about the deterioration of men’s health.
-On Monday, medics of the Humanitarian and Medical Assistance Team are appointed to contact doctors from the hospital on Dnipro.
On Monday, there will also be a decision regarding the possible transport of both victims- he said, cited by RMF FM.

Michał Dworczyk noted that the deputy head of the team and the combat medic was in the hospital in Dnieper on Friday.
On Monday, Ukrainian doctors are to assess whether the condition of a harder injured man is good enough to be evacuated.

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Blaszczak referred to Ukraine.
“We don’t want Olecko to be the second buzz”

As we wrote, the bus with humanitarian aid was attacked by Russian invaders when the vehicle was heading to the town of Czasiv Jar.
The “Nehemiasz” initiative ensures that experienced volunteers have been sent to this region.

“During the last stop there was a rocket sharpening and both volunteers were injured. They were immediately evacuated in accordance with medical procedures. They both stay in the hospital, far from the front line (…). Both volunteers are wounded:
One was described as light and the other as serious but stable, “said the initiative in the statement.

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