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Weather. April will be cool? IMGW announces cooling: negative temperature and snow


Until recently, synoptics announced that “heat explosion” was coming to Poland.
The temperature above 20 degrees Celsius was to appear on our thermometers in the second half of March.
The long-term experimental weather forecast presented by IMGW on March 10 assumed that in April in the whole country the air temperature “should be within the many years of 1991-2020”.
The latest reports indicate, however, that while the next week (March 20-26) it actually promises to be warm, the end of the month and the following weeks will bring back cool.



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rats are prowling in Wrocław.
They brazenly run even around the main station

April will be cool?
IMGW: Frost and snow can come back

The European Center for Medium-term weather forecasts presented on Friday (March 17) a forecast according to which the temperature in our country will be lower between March 27 and April 23 than in 2004-2020.
For these four weeks, even frosts can return to our country.
Synoptics, therefore, call “not to fall into euphoria” – the thermal spring coming to Poland will probably not last long.

Scenarios assuming the upcoming cooling of IMGW also confirmed on Saturday.
“This is still a distant date for the high verification of the numerical forecast, but according to today’s model implementation, after a warm week, on Sunday, March 26, the arrival is cooling” – we read in the entry of March 18.
According to the simulation, minus values on thermometers may return to Poland again, atmospheric precipitation may also appear, including rain with snow.

Heat on the weekend, and later … even warmer

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