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Weather forecast for Easter 2023. In April it will be unstable. Possible snow and frost


April weather does not promise to be stable – this is the result of the first long -term data.
The pressure forecast indicates the occurrence of numerous lowland systems that will delay the appearance of spring.
However, we can expect her flashes in the form of warmer days, which will alternately appear with cooling.


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Why does Easter have no permanent date?

long -term forecast for Easter.
At the beginning of April, rainfall is expected

atmospheric fronts passing through Poland will bring rainfall.
In these colder periods, you can also expect snowfall with frosts.
The clock negative temperatures can occur mainly in mountainous regions.
Winter accents will be caused by the invasion of cold air masses – according to the fanipogody.pl portal.

than Mediterranean will appear at the beginning of the month with arctic air.
This heralds that Easter will not be warm.
Synoptics from Dobramamoda24.pl announce that cooler periods will intertwine with warmer moments.
The cold beginning of April will delay the appearance of spring.

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The second half of April promises to be spring

The temperatures in the second half of April will be higher.
The daily average in places will be above 5 degrees C. There will be days when the thermometers indicate above 20 degrees C. The spring weather should control in Poland for good in connection with the temperature favorable for the flourishing of plants and trees.
During this warmer period, there may be more cooling and locally storms of differentized intensity.

The long -term forecast is subject to high uncertainty.
This is due to the risk of sudden meteorological phenomena, as well as the variety of physical, statistical and mathematical equations used in prognostic models.

than Fluurin brought cooling, but soon the temperature jumps to 16 degrees

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