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What will happen to Putin if Russia loses the war? There was a diplomat about scripts. “There is no superpower”

Mar 18, 2023

Borys Bondalew until May 2022 belonged to the diplomatic mission of Russia in Geneva.
He has worked at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2002, and at the UN in Geneva since 2019. Last spring, it was loud about the Bondarew letter, in which he condemned the authorities of his country for assaulting Ukraine.


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Łukasiewicz: Russians can exhaust their initiative

a former Russian diplomat about Putin’s future.
“Disappointment and disagreement”

will take place

“For 20 years of my career I saw various phrases of our foreign policy, but I was never ashamed of my country like February 24” – wrote BondaW.
As he told the journalists of the AP agency at the time, he does not intend to leave Geneva.

Russian soldiers steal without hesitation.
“Earthlings are lined with carpets”

Now the former diplomat has told in an interview with “Newsweek”, which may happen to Vladimir Putin if he does not achieve his goals in Ukraine.
As Bondarew says, in the event of a failure, it is highly likely to change power.
-Putin can be replaced.
He is not a superhero.
There is no superpower.
He is an ordinary dictator – he said.

has 23 children, it is chased by MTK.
Who is the “children’s collector”?

Bondalew added that in history “such dictators were replaced from time to time.”
“When they lost the wars and could not meet the needs of their supporters, they usually left,” he said.
He added that the loser war and the lack of a new offer on the part of Putin would cause “disappointment and disagreement.”
– They may think they don’t need Putin anymore.
When they say goodbye to illusions and find themselves in a new reality in which Putin cannot provide them with anything – except for fear and some kind of threats or repression of his people – it will change the situation – he said.

Russian spies in Poland.
Subsequent people were arrested

arrest order to Putin and Lviv-Biełowa.
Prosecutor MTK: enough evidence

On Friday, the International Criminal Court in Hague issued an arrest order to Vladimir Putin and the Russian Commissioner of Children’s Rights Maria Lviv-Biełowa.
They are both accused of war crimes in Ukraine consisting in illegal deportations of children from the occupied areas of Ukraine and the removal to Russia.

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in Hague Karim Ahmad Khan, who requested an arrest warrant of Vladimir Putin, stated that he had gathered enough evidence to recognize the Russian president guilty of the guilty of children from occupied areas of Ukraine to Russia.
The prosecutor emphasized that the investigation he conducts in this case covers the period from 2014, i.e. from the beginning of Russian aggression to Ukraine.

Karim Ahmad Khan also wrote that the basis of his application/' target='_blank'>application was the Roman statute regulating the work of MTK, which prohibits the resettlement of the population from the occupied areas to the occupying state.
He reminded that children are also protected by the Geneva Convention.
The prosecutor confirmed the deportation of at least hundreds of children from Ukrainian orphanages and nursing homes.
Many of them were to be put into adoption, which was used to adopt regulations facilitating giving them Russian citizenship.

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