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Wielkopolska. A tragic accident in Herburtów. The driver burned down in the car


The incident occurred on the night of March 17-18 in Herburtowo on provincial road number 174. Citroen C4 hit a tree growing on the road, and then lit up and burned down completely – describes e -Wielkopolska.info


Four fire brigades have been ordered to the place of the incident, which began the firefighting operation of the vehicle.
Unfortunately, despite their efforts, the driver’s life could not be saved.

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Identification of the body of the deceased driver is underway

According to the portal, it is not known who the man whose body was in the car was.
Police officers examine all the details and circumstances of the tragedy under the supervision of the prosecutor.
The road is already passable.

Accident at S8.
A citizen of Georgia wounded after a collision with a truck

Policemen call for common sense, prudence and caution when driving all vehicles.
Even a moment of inattention can lead to a tragedy.

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