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Wołodymyr Zelanski approved sanctions. Hundreds of people and companies on the black list, among them the dictator


Sanctions will include 300 civilians and 141 legal entities.
The list was presented by the Ukrainian Council for National Security and Defense, and President Wołodymyr Zelnski approved it with a signature on Saturday, March 18 – interfax Ukraine says.


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Łukasiewicz: Russians can exhaust their initiative

Ukraine imposed sanctions on hundreds of more people

Sanctions are blocked by assets and trade operations as well as transit and transport through Ukraine.
In addition, entities that are on the list will have withdrawn licenses and will be affected by the prohibition of privatization.
They will not be able to buy land and transfer technology and intellectual property.

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Most of the 300 people from the new sanction list are Russians.
Only seven names are Iranians, and three belong to the Syrians.
Among them, dictator Bashar al-Amin.
Restrictions will apply for a decade.

The situation with companies is similar.
Most enterprises covered by new sanctions belong to the Russians, and a significant group also constitutes 16 Syrian companies.

Polish volunteers wounded during fire in Ukraine.
New information

Who was the Ukrainian sanctions?

Sanctions mainly concern the defense industry and the list includes such concerns as Kalashnikov, Almaz-Antey, Ural Factory, United Shipbuilding Corporation or State Production and Research Space Center
M. Chruczywa.

As for Syrian companies, restrictions were included, among others
Shahed Aviation Industries Company, Iran Aircraft Industries Company, Safiran Airport Services and several airlines.

arrest order to Vladimir Putin.
Is Scholz’s reaction

restrictions were also imposed on three transport companies: Success Aviation Services FZC (Success Aviation) with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and Jet Global DMCC (IJet), which, according to Nazi
Russian Federation, in particular when transporting Iranian drones.

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