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Wroclaw. The mother and daughter left the house and disappeared. “The matter is serious”

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As the newspaper describes, women were to leave their apartment in Wrocław on Monday morning (March 13).
The disappearance was reported by Renata’s husband.
On the day of disappearance, the women were to talk to a man, the head of the enterprise, who deals with the trade of heat pumps.


planned to conduct a presentation there because they worked in a similar industry.
“In the film they posted on the Internet, you can conclude that they were conflicted with him” – says “SE”.

see video

30 penalty points and PLN 5,000 for a bmw driver

– Women’s cells are inactive.
We know, however, that the white Ranult Trafic was moving- says Weronika Rybka from the foundation on the trail.
Points out that the matter is serious.

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The police confirm that he conducts activities in this matter.
The Foundation points out that there is a threat to “women’s health and life”.

What are they lost?
The Foundation asks for help

Description of Mrs. Victoria (19 years old)

height: 175 cm

Weight: about 55 kg

Hair: blonde

Eyes: brown

On the day of disappearance she was dressed in a black thick jacket, white nike air force 1 to the ankle.

Description of Mrs. Renata (40l.)

height: about 175 cm

slim body

Hair: blonde

Special signs: Crown tattoo on the right hand.
On the day of disappearance, she was dressed in a green long jacket, black boots.

If anyone has information about the missing is asked to contact the Wrocław Śródmieście Police Station under the phone number 47 871 43 58 or Foundation on Tropie
Janusz Szostak.

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