• Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

The Norwegian princess’ girlfriend says: – Israel has influenced me more than anywhere else on earth


Norwegian Princess Martha Louise (47) told a few days ago that the American shaman, Durek Verrett (44) is her new boyfriend.

According to an interview reproduced on Verrett’s own website, he lived in Haifa, Israel, for a year and a half from 1998. The first night in Israel, he attended a Shabbat meal with the family of a Jewish friend he had met in Italy. Verrett says that he felt sick and “sweated incessantly”. He felt poisoned. The grandmother of Verrett’s friend suggested that he feel sick “because you know what they have done to the Jews.” Then the shaman should have had a vision where he was Hebrews in Egypt in another age, and tormented along with his own people. “After that experience, it became my calling to help the people of Israel,” says Verrett

Once upon a time, Verrett must have been warned by a spirit not to go into a cafe in Israel. “Two minutes later, after deciding not to go there even though I visited the cafe almost every day, it exploded.”

– Why did you not help people in the cafe, asked a journalist from an Israeli magazine when Verrett told the same story in another interview.

– Because it’s not my job. If I had run into the restaurant to help people, the timing would have been such that I had been there when the explosion was triggered. I have nothing to do with it. I knew that the Twin Towers would collapse two years before September 11 [2001], but everyone has their own path and must accept their fate, Verrett replied.

Once upon a time, Verrett must have helped locate some missing boys. It is possible he is referring to the three Israeli boys who were killed and hidden by Palestinian terrorists prior to the Gaza war in 2014.

– A few years ago I was called up while I was in Israel and told about the missing boys. I was not told who the call was from. I was asked to go into a trance and find them. I saw where they were and they were found at that place. At least one can say that this government does not only trust the God of the Jewish people, said Verrett.

While living in Israel, Verrett worked as a dancer and model. He has also been taught Torah and Jewish mysticism in Israel.

In two interviews, he talks about a powerful experience at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

– The moment I put my hands on the wall, I felt an intense vibration and knew God was there. God was love and I suddenly began to understand everything. I fell to the ground and bled in my nose. It was a sign. I met so many people there. Israel has influenced me more than anywhere else on earth, says Verrett.

– I put my hands on the wall and said, ‘Who are you, God?’ Suddenly I saw an explosion of light. I felt everything. I saw the sea, the trees, the people, the spiders, the sky, the air, the planets, the stars – everything – and it went faster and faster until it became this glowing, vibrating, intense, almost childlike energy of pure love. And at the center of the unconditional, playful, creative being who had no gender, had no male or female characteristics. It was just pure energy. I felt it in my heart and started bleeding in my nose. It was so intense that I fell down. That was all I needed to know. It opened a door for me, says Verrett.

In an interview with an Israeli journalist, Verrett concluded by giving a “big, warm embrace that can boost any self-confidence.” “We’re all on a journey, and if at some point someone comes to you and says they are spiritual and knows everything, run [away from them]!” concluded Verrett.

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