• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The number of Arab-Israeli students in high-tech subjects has doubled since 2012


The Times of Israel writes that the number of Arab Israelis studying high-tech subjects at Israeli universities and colleges over the past six years has doubled, according to data released by the Council for Higher Education.

According to their data, in 2018, there were 3,777 Arab students studying high-tech subjects in BA degrees, which is 12% of the total number, compared to 1,851 in 2012, where they accounted for 8% of the total number of students.

High-tech studies are defined as electronics and electrical engineering, civil engineering, software and optical engineering, mathematics and computer science.

In the period 2012 – 2018, the number of Israeli students studying technical subjects increased by 30%. Data show a 100% increase in the Arab population.

Data show that the number of Arab students studying the subjects at Israeli high schools grew by 140%, while the number at universities grew by 90% in 2012 – 2018.

The Times of Israel writes that Professor Yaffa Zilbershats, Chair of the Council for Higher Education, stated that: “The impressive results” are a result of the program that has sought to integrate Arab Israelis into high-tech studies in academia. Zilbershats added: “Today we see Arab students studying and excelling at all Israeli universities.”

Israel wants to increase the number of technology graduates hatched from Israeli universities and colleges because the so-called Startup Nation is facing a shortage of skilled workers (see also MIFF’s article on the same subject here). A thousand new startup companies come every year, multinational companies stand in line to come to Israel and local offices are started up in the country. Therefore, Israel is now feeling a pressure on wages in the technology sector to a level among the highest in the world. It has created tensions between startup entrepreneurs and multinational giants in the battle for the smart brains.

In October, data published by the Council for Higher Education showed that Israeli students are increasingly choosing subjects such as engineering, mathematics and computer programming. At the same time, the number of students is falling in the more traditional subject areas such as business and law.

Data show that for the first time ever in the academic year 2017 – 2018, there were more students in Israel at the engineering program – about 18.3% of the students than at the social sciences, which accounted for 17.9% of the students. One in four bachelor students in Israel – approx. 50,214 – studied either engineering or computer science.

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