• Mon. Feb 6th, 2023
Drømmen om døde israelere blev spredt til tusindvis af palæstinensere fra hele Europa.  (Screendump fra konferencen  i København 27. april 2019)

Mogens Lykketoft (S), Pernille Skipper (EL) and Caroline Magdalene Maier (ALT) spoke on Saturday 27 April at a conference in Copenhagen. MIFF pointed out in advance that the organizers are fighting to remove the world’s only Jewish state. We also encouraged sending a protest to the participating parties.

Based on live transmission from the conference, the Swedish think tank Perspektiv På Israel has put together some clips that show what message was conveyed during the conference.


The clips show that we in MIFF should have been even sharper in our criticism. There was incitement to hatred, portraying the Israelis as torturers, there were conspiracies about the Zionist lobby, there were demands to take over all the land that today is Israel back. There was encouragement to sacrifice his own life in jihad for Palestine.

The participants heard that the Zionists – that is, the Jews – have no rights in the land of Palestine. Only if Palestine is established with Jerusalem as its capital will peace in the world be ensured, “because it is the central issue, the main cause of all the frustration.” , there will come a day when you end up underground, sings an artist. Thus, the dream of dead Israelis was spread to thousands of Palestinians from all over Europe who attended the conference.

Credit: This 14-minute video was created by Tobias Petersson, the leader of Perspective on Israel, an independent “think tank”, which works with antismism and political extremism. The video illustrates extremism in the Palestinians in Europe Conference, which was held in Denmark on April 27, 2019.

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