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We have previously written about the Unity List (EL), the Socialist People’s Party (SF), their youth organizations and the cooperation of the left to demonize Israel. Now the turn has come to the Social Democrats (S).

Socialdemokratiet (S)
In 1871, the Socialdemokratiet was founded as a workers’ party. The party’s political ideology is based on the socialist idea and the desire to help the working class, create fair living conditions and democratic rights for all.

Internal disagreement in S – yes or no to Palestinian state?
The party’s program does not address the party’s Israeli policy. Within the party, however, there is disagreement about Israel and the recognition of Palestine as a state.

In 2014, the European Parliament voted in favor of a resolution calling on the Member States to recognize Palestine as an independent state. In this connection, the party’s three EU MPs, Christel Schaldemose, Jeppe KofodogOle Christensen would vote in favor of the resolution – even though the then SR government had shortly before refused to recognize Palestine. It should just be added that SF and EL in the same period submitted a resolution, which should force the SR government with the then Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt (S) at the helm to recognize Palestine. The proposal was voted down.

In 2013, however, Denmark upgraded the Palestinian Authority to have diplomatic status in Denmark.

In 2014, Schaldemose stated to DR that the party’s EU MPs had chosen to go against the government’s official policy because:

– We want Israel and Palestine to resume peace talks. That is why we want to send a signal to the EU member states, because they are the ones who can formally recognize, says Christel Schaldemose.

– But our real wish is to send a unified European signal to Israel to come back to the negotiating table, she says.

Sass Larsen and i.a. Mogens Lykketoft strongly disagrees with Israel
Henrik Sass Larsen (former minister and current member of parliament) is known for being a friend of Israel and he often goes against the party’s official Israeli policy.

In 2018, DR published an article about Sass Larsen’s debate book Exodus . In the book, Sass Larsen stated, among other things, that:

“part of the solution for a lasting peace for the Jewish people is also that we extend our political, trade and military relations so that the Israeli population can be reassured that they will not be left alone should new conflicts or aggressions arise. ”

Sass Larsen’s resignation was rejected by the then Minister and current member of the Folketing, Nick Hækkerupog by former Speaker of the Folketing / former Minister and current member of the Folketing, Mogens Lykketoft.

TilHudde Hækkerup stated that: “It is not our policy that Israel should be a member of either NATO or the EU at present.”

And Lykketoft stated:

The Israeli government is, after all, completely uninterested in and genuinely opposed, with all that it does, to the possibility of a Palestinian state. … The colonization of the Palestinian territories, which we call settlements, splits the tiny territory that the whole world – the UN system and so on – has assumed was supposed to be a Palestinian state, into some small enclaves. So we are very far from that possibility.

According to DR, Sass Larsen and Lykketoft also discussed their disagreements about Israel at a group meeting held in 2018 on the state of Israel’s 70th birthday. At the group meeting, Lykketoft said, among other things, that the Palestinians are oppressed and deserve Denmark’s support. Sass Larsen, on the other hand, said that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and that Israel should not be blamed for being able to defend itself.

Lykketoft “speaks for the Palestinians” with his criticism of Israel
Lykketoft is known for not being a friend of Israel and he has often criticized Israel. For example, he gave a speech during a Nakbademonstration held in Copenhagen on 15 May 2018, where Israel’s 70th birthday was marked as a Palestinian disaster. In the video clip, which is on Facebook, you can hear Lykketoft’s speech during the demonstration – see the clip here.

Criticism of Lykketoft for taking the Palestinian side while he was Speaker of the Folketing
In 2014, Berlingske Tidendeen published an article in which the opposition criticized Lykketoft for being the main speaker at the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association demonstration at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen . During the demonstration, Israel was accused of abusing Gaza and massively punishing the Palestinian people in the occupied territories. The demonstration was said in the words of the Berlingske Tidende: “- a demonstration turned unilaterally against one party in the bloody conflict. “

In the article, the then foreign spokesperson for the Conservative People’s Party (K), Lene Espersen, and the foreign spokesperson for the Danish People’s Party (DF), Søren Espersen, stated among other things:

“You can not, as Speaker of the Folketing, act as politically as Lykketoft does here,” says the Conservatives’ foreign affairs spokeswoman, Lene Espersen, while the Danish People’s Party’s foreign affairs spokeswoman calls Lykketoft’s actions ” obscene. “

” But that’s not very surprising. Lykketoft has always joked around in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict like an elephant in a glass cage, “says Søren Espersen.

Lykketoft rejected the criticism and added that he did not speak at the demonstration as Speaker of the Folketing: “but as a committed person and elected Social Democratic politician. And I made that clear to the organizers as well, “

The opposition did not buy Lykketoft’s explanation and called his performance a” propaganda victory for the Palestinians. “

The party’s well-known profiles clearly disagree on its position on Israel
The Social Democrats are divided over Israel. Sass Larsen is among the Social Democratic politicians who openly express their support for Israel. Lykketoft, on the other hand, expresses its full support for the Palestinians. Both belong to some of the party’s distinctive profiles. Therefore, it does not matter what statements and attitudes they come up with.

In MIFF, we greatly appreciate Sass Larsen’s sensible approach to the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, but at the same time we must acknowledge that Lykketoft is an effective attraction for pro-Palestinian organizations such as the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association. Lykketoft has even expressed sharp and one-sided criticism of Israel while he was Speaker of the Folketing. Lykketoft’s claim that he has spoken as a private person – not as chairman can be discussed and therefore we are surprised that Lykketoft’s obvious support for the Palestinians has not had consequences.

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