• Mon. May 16th, 2022

Since terrorists in gazab-digest to fire rockets against Jerusal Mandage evening, they have fired over 2000 rockets against Israeli cities and civilian population – in section a rocket every three minutes ago Monday.

nine Israelis is killed by the Palestinian rocket attacks – including 5-year-old Ido from Serot – read here and an Israeli Arabic 16-year-old girl and her father in the city let – read here. Eight of the Israeli victims were civil, but another victim was an Israeli soldier. Most recently, an Israeli woman in the 50s death of his injuries. In addition, over 100 Israelis are wounded, several of them seriously and critically. Even more Israelis are treated for shock and anxiety, writes Times of Israel.

https://miff.dk/israel-palaestina- conflict/

The Israeli rocket defense Iron Dome has managed to shoot up against the 90 proces of rockets in popular areas, yet many rockets have hit apartment blocks, schools, kindergartens and other properties across Israel. Without the rocket defense, the death fittings on Israeli side would have been much higher.

The night of Friday, the Israeli defense carried out a strong bombardment against Hamas (Terrorg group Hamas has had control of Gaza since 2007) and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (Pij), the two Palestinian terrorist groups firmly fear against the civilian population in Israel. 160 fighter airplanes have participated in the attack, where 450 missiles were fired against 150 goals north in Gaza.

Also land strengths participated in the attack, but they did not move into Gaza. They contributed to the attack with artilleryild against several terrus targets.

https://twitter.com/idf/status/139308284632408833?ref_src=twsrc%5etfw%7ctwcamp%5etewetembed%7ctwterm%5e139308284632408883339ctwgr%5Con%5es%5es1_ref_url=https%3a% Mot-Israel% 2F2021% 2F05% 2F142000 rakettangrep-PA-under-90-hour .htm

The Israeli defense was the powerful bombardment directed at the underground network of tunnels such as the terrorists have dug underground. It takes place among other production and transport of rockets. Several tunnels are also dug into Israeli territory in order to send terrorists into Israel.

More terrorists from Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are killed at the attacks. The official figures from Hamas are that 115 people are killed in the Israeli attacks since Monday. The Israeli defense says more than half of the kills were stringent terrorists. Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have also confirmed that many of the devices were their members.

But also more children are among those killed in Gaza. The Israeli defense says they try to avoid all civilian losses, but that Hamas uses civilian as a living shield by, among other things, to fire rockets from populated areas. The Israeli defense also says that several civilians in Gaza are killed by Hamas’ own rockets, hundreds of rockets that Hamas has fired against Israel has exploded inside Gaza.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the operation against the Palestinian Terror groups as firing rockets against Israel will continue as long as it is necessary to restore calm and security for the inhabitants of Israel

At the time, nothing suggests that Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad plans to stop the intensive rocket attacks against Israel.
The rocket attacks also continue and there are regular reports of new attacks.
More hundredsind Israelis in the cities Ashdod, Ashkelon and society close to Gaza are under attack.


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