• Tue. May 17th, 2022

South Israel is again, again exposed to rocket attacks and explosives balloon attacks from Gaza, writes the newspaper Jerusalem Post.

in response to rocket and explosive balloon attacks, the Israeli defense (IDF) has bombed several of the Target of Hamas in Gaza. IDF keeps Hamas responsible for what is happening in the enclave, as the terrorist group has had the control there since 2007.
Sunday, two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, a rocket fell in open area, Israel’s missile defense, Iron Dome cut the other rocket . Another rocket was fired into South Israel early Monday morning after IDF’s attack by Hamas goals.

Idf’s spokesman says that the rocket alarms sounded Sunday in the Israeli city Ashkelon and by Israeli community close to Gaza (Otef Aza).

Since 2001, South-Israel has been exposed to several thousand rocket attacks from Terrorg groups in Gaza – read more here.

Israel’s missile defense (Iron Dome) has scanned over 2,500 rockets in ten years – read here.

Alone in April 2021 was over 40 rockets fired from Gaza into South Israel, read here.

Read MIFF interview by Serot’s mayor, read about the physical and mental consequences for the inhabitants – many of them suffer from PTSD and must eat nerve pills and sleeping pills to cope with everyday life.





In addition to the latest rocket attacks against Israeli cities, explosive balloon attacks from the enclave caused 39 fires in South Israel, says Israel’s brand and rescue services. Most fires broke out in open areas, three wheat fields were injured.

A fire broke out in the BEERI Nature Reserve and in the area between Carmiya and Kibbutz Zikim close to the Gaza Strip.
See the nature reserve Beingeri – transformed from green to burned:

More roads were blocked while firefighters fought against the flames. Due to extreme heat more fires in South Israel’s south, including the cities of Serot, Rahat, Noam, Carmiya, Mavki’im and Ereez. At present, it is not known whether the fires are due to the heat, explosive balloons or a combination of both.

Highway 6 was closed for traffic.

In later years, terrorists in Gaza have also attacked South Israel with explosive balloons – read more here.

After a period without explosive balloon attack, the attacks against Israel are returned.

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