• Tue. May 17th, 2022

The Hamas Terrorgroup continued to attack Israel’s civilian population right to the ceasefire came into force tonight.
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Fortunately, Israel’s inhabitants were allowed to sleep tonight – there have not been rocket attacks against Israel since the ceasefire came into force. The Israeli defense (IDF) follows development closely and the Israelis must now leave the shelter rooms.

IDF still has extra troops ready in the southern command if Hamas attacks again.
IDF has destroyed over 100 km of Hamas underground tunnels and attacking tunnels that make up a real threat to Israel security. It costs Hamas more millions of crowns to dig 1 km of attack tunnel – How many apartment blocks, infrastructure and jobs could Hamas Mon have created for the inhabitants of Gaza for the money?
A Hamas rocket costs it Same as 50 corona vaccines, how many vaccines could Hamas Mon buy for the Palestinians in Gaza for the 4000 rockets they have attacked Israel with the last 11 days?

IDF has hit several of Hamas’ military Goals under several defense attacks in Gaza City, Khan Yunis and Rimal. IDF also destroy several of the terrorist group’s shooting frames at 570 air attacks aimed at Hamas’ rocketary numbers and the rakeraffying ramps such as Hamas have placed among the civilian population. IDF has hit 340 rocket launch infrastructure – eg firing graves, 230 soil-to-soil rockets and 70 multi-barrel rocket casters. Another 35 attacks against Hamas’ mortar grenades.


IDF has damaged Hamas ‘ability to develop and produce weapons, IDF has destroyed Hama’s workshops and research centers, some of which were designed for upgrading Hamas’ weapons.

IDF also hit several buildings with Hamas military assets – Among other things, 10 of Hamas’ government offices, 11 internal security targets and five banks that manage them many millions as Hamas get from abroad to commit terrorist attacks against Israel. IDF has also hit several of Hamas commanding, some of them were located in high-rise buildings that were destroyed.

IDF has eliminated 25 senior Hamas officials and about 200 agents belonging to Hamas and the terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad, who is also financed by, among other things, Iran.

The question is now how long will go before Hamas again attack Israel.

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