• Mon. May 16th, 2022

The Terrorg group Hamas has attacked Israel’s civilian with rockets for 20 years and they hit everything and everyone – also the Danes who live in the country.
. Tina’s son is called as reserver, Tina’s daughter works in Ashdod Harbor, Ashdod and the harbor have been hit hard by Hamas’ rocket attacks. Tina’s daughter has experienced rocket attacks while she was alone at work.

Sarah Rapaport lives in Tel Aviv suburban, Holon, Sarah tells about the attack in the city where a bus was hit by rocket attacks close to where she lives with her husband and their four children at 3, 4, 9 and 11:

“We live in a house without shelter. It has been okay the previous times, but this time we had to crawl in a room where there were so few windows as possible. “

There were 9 alarms right after each other and the sound of rocket attacks and Iron Dome who tried to shoot them could be heard at a long distance. Sarah and her family packaged their stuff and went to in-laws who have a shelter, Sarah says:

“We have chosen to call it a hide, for the little ones at least. The sound itself is scary for them. So we have said to them that there is someone in Gaza who play hide with us, “

Sarah says that they tried to return home again to Holon as “corresponds little to Lyngby”. Sarah let the kids play in the swimming pool, so the rocket alarm again sounded …

Sarah’s in-laws live in the city of Bat Yam, close to Holon. Several places in Israel are the violence between Jews and Israeli Arabs flare up. A few days ago an Israeli Jew died after he had become the lynch of Israeli Arabs.

Sarah tells:

“We don’t feel it yet because we haven’t been out apart from some playgrounds. But I have a soon 12-year-old daughter moving freely and taking buses where she goes. So teenagers in full unfolding. I’m not quite sure how much she should go around myself. Until there falls over things. “

Sarah buys meat at an Arabic butcher: “I don’t have to do about”. Sarah also tells that it hurts as a mother to learn his children that they must roll along with the stomach against the earth and their hands over the head if they are caught outside of rocket attacks. Sarah says to her children that they can’t get people in Gaza to stop hemmelegen.

Sarah tells about life in Israel:

The “Everyday life is quiet and quiet, but more lively than in Denmark, and in Israel there is no winter depression – I like, as one of those who go down every winter in Denmark.”

Tina is very concerned that the current rocket attacks against Israel have meant to “very extreme on both sides” have gone to attack on people and cars:

“They can really destroy much. It’s on both sides. I just wish we could live in peace together, but it’s a little difficult. It is a bleeding wound at the moment, and it is the first time it has happened while I have been down here. “
Tina Adds:

» My children are Israelis. If I hadn’t had them then I had taken to Denmark, I had.

It may well be that I had regretted it, because in good and evil, people are also much more open and more together. And the weather. You are much more outside. But I think there have been too many conflicts. One gets tired of it at a time. “

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