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The unbearable neighborhood with Gaza – good news about the economy and tourism – better conditions for children and young people – and a little on the war front


News from Israel 46

In this issue (December 13, 2018 – January 17, 2019)

The unbearable neighborhood of Gaza

  • Israel fights Gaza’s polluters, wastewater and waste . Raw wastewater and wastewater from Gaza are being pumped into southern Israel’s streams and the waste accumulates along that border fence and is an ecological nightmare for Israelis living near the border. … Due to the difficult conditions, the Israeli Water Authority has established a pumping station near the Erez border crossing and has started purifying the water. The Gaza government is responsible for wastewater treatment in the region, but the Hamas regime has dropped infrastructure funding and chooses instead to allow waste to leak into Israel and into the sea. … 3 giant landfills have been set up by the Hamas government, bordering Eshkol’s Regional Council … The situation comes after months of fireball and dragon attacks from Gaza that have burned thousands of acres in agricultural, residential and protected natural areas and caused losses of millions of dollars. Read more in the PDF file (scroll down).
  • Volunteers are being prepared to fight the fire at the Gaza border. Fireballs and kites with explosives from Gaza have destroyed 8,100 hectares of good agricultural land in the last 10 months. To meet this challenge, 16 Israelis have now formed a voluntary fire brigade. After completing their training in 2 weeks, they become part of the Kibbutz Or Haners fire brigade and are assigned their own fire truck. According to Eyal Hajbi , the Chief Security Officer of the Regional Council of Shaar HaNegev, the course is organized in such a way that the region is prepared for the next wave of fires this summer … Other volunteers units are created in Kibbutz Nahal Oz and Kibbutz Kfar Aza, and “we are also interested in opening a unit in Kibbutz Brother Hayil and others places “says Hajbi. … Read more in the PDF file (scroll down).

Economy and Tourism – Good News

  • Natural gas to Egypt for $ 15 billion . Representatives of Israel and a number of Arab countries met in Egypt on Monday to organize regional cooperation in the energy sector as a sign of thawing relations between the Jewish state and its neighbors. … Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz: “I believe that this is the most important economic cooperation between Egypt and Israel since the signing of the peace agreement 40 years ago … It brings us all together – Jordan, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, The Palestinian Authority and Italy. ” … The EU seeks to become less dependent on Russian gas – a recurring point of contention in political conflicts – and encourages new supply routes, including the East Med-Pipeline, which is working to eventually sell Israel gas via Greece, Italy, and Cyprus. Read more in the PDF file (scroll down).

  • Eilat is the 6 best holiday destination in the world. Israel’s exotic Eilat offers world – class beaches, magnificent opportunities for coral reef diving and 5 – star hotels that attract tourists from all over the world. The New York Times has a hard time admitting that Israel is doing anything right, but its travel editors can’t get enough of the Dead Sea paradise of the Jewish state. Among the attractions here is the Coral Beach Nature Reserve with huge panoramic windows next to the colorful fish and all the other life in the Mediterranean. The newspaper’s readers voted for Eilat as the 6th best holiday destination in the world ahead of Las Vegas, New York City and other favorites. With a brand new airport by the seaside resort, Eilat is ready to become the best holiday destination for discerning travelers.

Terms for Children and Adolescents

  • Provides breakfast 1.3 million times a year to disadvantaged youth
  • 2 mothers said, “Let them grow up in peace!” – confront the smartphone madness

Armed struggle – and the propaganda war against Israel

  • Iranian satellite launcher launches
  • World Council of Churches runs BDS in Israel (see also: “World Council of Churches runs a global smear campaign against Israel – i.a.. for your tax money “

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News from Israel 46


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