• Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

News from Israel 61 (1-7 May 2019)

Attacks from Gaza

  • 750 rockets fired at Israel from Friday to Sunday
  • “It’s unbearable, the whole house is shaking!”
  • Small children were left standing when the sirens sounded
  • First victim since Protective Edge (2014)
  • American Israelis the last of 4 victims
  • President of the families of the dead
  • Transportable bomb shelter from ICEJ

“Bonus” video from IDF May 6, 2019


Hamas and Islamic Jihad – by the way

  • Palestinian courier brings money from Iran to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad
  • Hamas violates human rights in Gaza


  • German police allowed neo-Nazis to march
  • See also the translation of Henry Roth’s blog about the New York Times’ anti-Semitic satire and the shooting drama in the Chabad Synagogue

Read all the stories in the PDF files, where all the images are also located.

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