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If you have not yet seen the video from the Conference of European Palestinians, you can watch it here:

The video clip was created by Tobias Petersson, the leader of Perspective on Israel (independent Swedish “think tank” working with anti-Semitism and political extremism)

Here are some of your comments:

3 Danish left wing politicians participated! Scary that this can happen. And why has no Danish media reported on this conference ???

Is it really something that some Danes support? That’s so shameful?

hopes soon that Israel strikes back so hard that there are no more rockets left in Gaza

Can the professor be reported under any paragraph? Hate Crime?

That Danish parliamentarians participate in this kind of Palestinian fanaticism is frightening.

Is it in Denmark? I’m horrified! Over Pernille Skipper! And that the Israelis must find themselves getting bombs in their heads! Imagine wishing for another small country wiped out! ?

yes one is quick to judge Israel and feel sorry for the “poor” Palestinians, If they now test themselves and cultivate their land they might be able to achieve a future without them feeling deprived of the fields / plantations the Jews have cultivated with toil

Incredibly the renewed anti-Semitism flared up here in Copenhagen. No doubt there is something very ugly going on with this hateful rhetoric. !!

Am I annoyed? does this really take place in DK and with the blessing of political parties? do you all think you should learn a little more history before you comment on the right to a small area the size of Jutland ???

I am well shocked that Danish politicians can have such great ignorance, well Israel has the USA as support, add Denmark

ISRAEL is where it MUST be, and nothing in this world can change that. Understand what you want differently.

You do not have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, do you? – then it must also be me they want away ….

It was the drop that made the cup overflow. ? I’m signing up for MIFF ??

Read also “Shocking rhetoric during Palestinian conference in Copenhagen” by Anders Hjorth Vindum in The Word and Israel.

Thank you for your support
MIFF thanks all of you who have shared and commented on our articles about the Palestinians’ conference in Brøndby Hallen on 27 April. Your support gives us extra energy to speak for Israel.

MIFF is shocked
It usually takes a long time before we are shocked. When we covered the conference in our articles, we did not have the imagination to imagine that it was as bad as the video clip shows.

Unfortunately, we are not surprised that Palestinians line up on a stage in Denmark with a call to close down Israel and kill all Jews. This is not a new rhetoric – we have heard it for many years.

It shocks us that Danish politicians participate in a conference where strongly anti-Israel and anti-Jewish speeches are given in Arabic. Politicians have a stricter responsibility to familiarize themselves with the agenda they take part in before saying yes to participating.

Skipper braided election campaign along with recognition of Palestine
It is hard to find words to describe what it feels like to hear Skipper weave green politics and welfare policy into a speech in which she wore a Palestinian headscarf, telling the audience that “Palestine exists, Palestine lives”.

With their participation, Skipper, Lykketoft and Maier have blue-stamped a call for the killing of Jews and Israelis. Three Danish politicians have chosen to put their name to Palestinian propaganda, in which the Israelis are portrayed as torturers who have stolen the land from the Palestinians.

What have we really learned from World War II? At that time, the killing of Jews was also called for. Words can be dangerous when they come from people with political influence.

When Skipper from the rostrum indirectly agrees with Palestinian organizations’ goal of deleting Israel from the map – Skipper can, in the worst case, help to put words into action.

Can it really fit that it happens in today’s Denmark?

MIFF’s conclusion is that we must support Israel even more and we need your help. Each and every one of us can do something to help Israel.

Join MIFF and help us raise the debate on anti-Israel propaganda.

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