• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The Democratic Party’s nomination battle is in full swing in the United States. During the election campaign, several candidates have signaled how they will relate to Israel and Trump’s policy toward Israel.

The Settlements
Senator Elizabeth Warren says she will roll back Trump’s settlement policy. “Continued expansion of Israeli settlements and increased normalization of Israel’s proposal to annex part or all of the West Bank are the biggest threats to the two-state solution,” Warren told the New York Times, according to Israel Hayom.

-I want to make it clear that Israeli settlements violate international law, she continues.

“If the Israeli government continues to take steps to annex the West Bank, the United States must make it clear that our aid will not be used for such annexation,” Warren said.

Senator Bernie Sanders threatens to withhold US aid to Israel if Israel annexes or expands settlements.

Embassy in Jerusalem
Former Vice President Joe Biden, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Senator Amy Klobuchar and Senator Michael Bennet have announced they want to keep the US Embassy in Jerusalem. Trump moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to the Israeli capital in May 2018.

Bernie Sanders says it may be appropriate to move the embassy back to Tel Aviv if Israel continues to “expand settlements, deportations and destruction of houses that undermine the chances of a peace deal”.

Warren says the future location of the embassy should be clarified after negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

Iran deal
Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Tom Steyer say they will return to US compliance with the 2015 Iran deal Trump pulled the US out of the agreement in May 2018.

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