• Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Israel is very pleased with American air raids against Iranian-supported militias at the Syrian-Iraqi border, Israeli officials to Walla News. Israel looks on the attacks as a positive signal about the new administration’s attitude to Iran and believes that it will send notice to Tehran to master themselves and their allies in the region, writes the newspaper Times of Israel.

In January, Israel itself carried out a larger air strike in the same area – read more here.

Israel has long been concerned about increasing Iranian presence in the Middle East and has several times shared the concern with Americans. Israeli official says to Walla News that US attacks show that Joe Biden leads another policy facing Iran than Barack Obama.

– Iranians did not expect Biden is not Obama. They did not understand that if they continued to fail, they would end up being punished, says Israeli official.

While Obama feared to confront Iran not to spoil the nuclear agreement, Biden shows that he will protect American personnel in Iraq.

The attack was a retaliation for a rockett attack against a military base in Iraq in February. A civilian ble killed, an American soldier and several coalition soldiers ble the wound under rockett attacks in the same area which has now been bombed.

– The operation sends a unique message: President Biden will act to protect American personnel and their coalition partners, says John Kirby, spokesman for the US Defense Ministry of Pentagon.

It was the first military attack ordered by the Biden administration. The United States allegedly warned Israel before the attack. Israel and the United States warn each other before they carry out attacks that can affect their operations.

According to oppositional sources, 22 military soldiers have allegedly killed during the American air strike. (Photo: Twitter)

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