• Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

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In a leaked sound recording, Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tells that he got information about more than 200 Israeli air attacks against Iranian goal in Syria of John Kerry, who was Foreign Minister under President Barack Obama during the negotiations on a atomic agent with Iran, writes the newspaper Israel Hayom .

Zarif came with the comment in an interview in March with the London-based Iranian TV station Iran International. On April 25, the US Glassavis published The New York Times.

In the leaked interview, Zarif criticizes the Iranian revolutionary gardens and their dominant role in Iranian foreign policy and adds to Kerry he told Israel had attacked Iran 200 times in Syria.

“If you were not aware of it, asking the interviewer twice, here responds Zarif:

«No. No. »

Iran’s Foreign Minister does not specify when Kerry came with the comment. Kerry is today Joe Bidens special broadcasting for climate.

The claim has aroused great anger among the Republican politicians in the United States, who accuses Kerry to have leaked Israeli secrets. It rejects Kerry and points out that allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations/' target='_blank'>allegations of Israeli attacks against Iranian goal in Syria have long been publicly known. In 2018, Israel acknowledged to have stood behind 200 attacks against Iranian goals – read more here in Norwegian.

“This history and prosecutors are completely false. Never happened – neither I was Foreign Minister or later “writes Kerry on Twitter.

The Republican Senator Dan Sullivan believes the charges are so serious that Kerry should withdraw. Also Texas Senator Ted Cruz and US former UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, has come with very hard criticism US former Foreign Minister.

“It is cruel in so many levels. Biden and Kerry must answer why Kerry has tipset Iran, the largest sponsor of terror, at the same time as he has stuck one of our largest partners, Israel, in the back “, writes Haley.

The Israel-friendly Republican Senator Lindsey Graham warns against relying blindly on the sound recording. He does not believe Iran’s Foreign Minister is to trust. The sound recording is not verified by external sources.


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