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Katarzyna Kucewicz: Not always behind the XXL size there is a life drama

Mar 18, 2023

almost 300 kg.
This is what the huge Charlie, the main character of the film “Whale”, weighs the obesity.
For this role, Brendan Fraser won the Oscar, and we saw what life with this disease could look like.
Well – since when does the obesity of giant obesity begin?

We talk about giant obesity when the BMI body mass indicator exceeds 40 kg/m² and when the body fat content in the body is greater than 50 percent
in women and 35 percent
in men.
This is the third degree obesity.

How many Poles suffer from enormous obesity?

According to the National Health Fund, three out of five adult Poles suffer from overweight.
Every fourth is struggling with obesity.
There is no reliable data that would show how many Poles struggle with huge obesity.
Undoubtedly, however, it is the most serious condition and, like any obesity, should be treated, because its complications can be very dangerous.
It can be the cause of many diseases, including hypertension, heart attack, stroke or atherosclerosis.
People with obesity often struggle with fatty liver, diabetes and insulin resistance.
The condition in which they are increases the risk of depression and some cancer.


In women, this is the cancer of the uterine and ovarian shaft and breast, in men – prostate and large intestine cancer.
The topic is therefore extremely important and it’s good that such a film was made.
How do you assess him?

if you look at the “whale” for a film about the mental breakup of the main character, it actually grabs his heart.
It shows the tragedy not only of Charlie, but also to people who are helpless in the face of his consistent pursuit of himself.
Huge obesity was presented, it is very harmful to people suffering from it.
For me, this film is also quite a stereotypical vision of people with proper weight, about how patients live with enormous obesity.
Among the comments, there are many fat shaming and repetitive wording: “At your own request!”
People are touched, but at the same time they think: this peasant himself prepared such a fate, he has what he wanted.

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and this is not it?

yes, an adult man consciously decides about it
, what he eats, so you could say that since he chooses pizza and bars, he suffers from his own request.
That it’s his fault.
But in great obesity, man almost never feels.
Mariusz Wyleżoł believes that people suffering from huge obesity are very difficult to independently, the will of will or good intentions to master the attacks of huge, wolf hunger.
And they have them for various reasons, often due to insulin resistance, which often accompanies this disease.
And hormonal disorders, which cause, among others, fat growth and the impression of permanent unsaturation.

These people require diet, medical and also psychological care.
Strong will is definitely not enough.
It is as if we wanted to cure a strong will, for example, from pneumonia.

Brendan Fraser in the movie ‘Whale’

(press mat.)

However, the hero of “whale” does not want this help.
He does not go to the hospital, although he knows he is dying.

One can get the impression that Charlie gave up, that he has long lost faith, that something could be changed.
The most depressing for me is his depression, resignation from life.
In his case, food is a way to deal with stress, suffering and a loss of a loved one.
This is a very common mechanism – we eat stress, as if we wanted to drown out the scream of despair.

I would like to emphasize that not every person with obesity experienced trauma or experienced a huge misfortune.
There is no life drama for every XXL size.
Sometimes on the contrary – we are loved, accepted, we have money, we eat in pubs, we enjoy it without much hesitation, and we are finally reached by obesityThere are also words such as “Spoślak” or “Tłusiach”.
He himself does not turn on the camera during online classes, which he leads with students.
He is ashamed of what it looks like.

shame of people with obesity results from fat shaming, from the fact that they are socially excluded.
They feel disgusting, repulsive to others, because they often hear such comments on the street, in a restaurant, at the doctor or on the web.
If someone tells us at every turn, sometimes since childhood that we are disgusting, how should we think about ourselves?

Charlie is at such a stage that he no longer wants to accept help.
He sees no sense in the change.
Meanwhile, determination and strong motivation are needed to treat all types of obesity.

Determination is needed to change the weight


In addition to it, it is also important to support loved ones, understood as a conviction to visit a doctor, and then motivating to follow a healthy diet.

The basis for treating compulsive food is internal
The patient’s decision that he has readiness to change.
You can’t lose weight for someone.
Sometimes families take such a decision on their shoulders: I will slim it, which can generate terrible stress and conflicts.
It must always be a need for a patient, he must want, because a reduction in such a lot of weight is a task that becomes a life priority.
The change of habits is subordinated all his life.
It is impossible to lose weight from the third degree obesity imperceptibly.
I say this as a person who recently dropped several dozen kilos.
I know how much effort needs to be put in to arrange your whole life by weight.

such a decision for a person addicted to food is extremely difficult.
“> Yes, because someone who suffers from enormous obesity is usually not enough for a small, healthy snack.
Hunger is so strong that the patient may feel a huge tension, loses control over himself.
That is why many close people with obesity simply give up.
They have no strength to fight the powerful strength of wolf hunger.
This has the features of co -addiction, because the suffering of a person addicted to food can be compared with getting out of the addiction of someone addicted to alcohol.

eat, but then we will throw ourselves on food and yo-yo brick effect.

The decision to enter into the mode of healthy habits must be very aware and deep, because this is a life decision.
It takes not only a huge determination, but also a stabilized internal world.
Food must stop being a medicine for sorrows.
He must return to his place, i.e. fuel, not stimulants.
And although the film “Whale” is hopeless, there are people with obesity who managed to lose weight, such as Adele or Tomasz Sekielski.

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Lady too!

I lost almost 50 kg.
I got out of giant obesity, but I still have a dozen or so kilos in front of me.

The hero of the whale spends his whole days at home

(press mat.)

What does it look like in your case?

At first it was a real fight with each other.
Eating much smaller, healthy portions becomes a habit after long weeks.
When you lose the first kilograms, a man is happy but finished.
It can also be depressed and sensitive, because he is desperately lacking sugar.
I told myself: Okay, let me lose 10 kg at least, it will be fine.
But over time you learn a new lifestyle, you suddenly see that you can eat differently, move and drink these two liters of water.

weight reduction begins in the head.
I made a mature internal decision only before forty.
For many years, I have always lived with obesity, but I was not ready to truly take it.
Suddenly I felt that I wanted to fight, and attempted to enter my private junkyaro.
With the help of wonderful women: diabetologists, dietitians, trainers, but also psychologists.

PewDon’t you feel satisfaction?

People ask: Finally you are happy, you finally feel pretty?
I answer: I always felt pretty and I was happy.
But are you sure you feel healthier?
– wad.
And it is different with that.
I practice a lot, so I have an injury, for example.
When I started reducing the weight, I had quite good test results, except that I suffered from insulin resistance.
It’s not like “I am finally alive”.
I’ve always lived, and it’s really good.

the myth is that every person with great obesity is unhappy, closes at home, reads books and does not go anywhere, like Charlie from “Whale”
And he suffers in loneliness.

I think it’s time to overthrow the stereotype, that all people with obesity have a very sad life.
Yes, some people like Charlie get into a state of hibernation, but after all, the slim people sometimes sit at home so as not to have contact with the world.

I have many friends plus size who lead fascinating
Life, they meet with friends.
Anyway, like me.
I had the third degree obesity, but I still liked to dress, paint, go out somewhere.
Of course, I was always the thickest of all my friends, but I still had the feeling that I was a nice grandmother.
However, at some point I wanted to change.
I found that I was never in normal weight, and actually I would like to, and that maybe I would try.

Obesity can cause many serious diseases


How do you deal with crises, because they are probably like that?

I have been in weight reduction for 15 months.
This is a bumpy but consistent way.
I learned to approach myself with kindness.
I treat my body with great respect and tenderness.
I tell myself: you are cool and because I love you, I will prepare you healthy food.
Every day I pay attention to what I eat, and I celebrate all meals, even if I have little time.
It can be said that I approached myself in a very mother’s way.
When I feel like sweet, I say: if you feel so for a week, you will eat this one cinnamon, but not now.
And this desire passes.

When I feel wolf hunger, I ask myself: Kaśka, what stressed you so much?
I noticed that, like many of my patients and my hunger usually appears during the feeling of strong emotions, whether negative or positive.
So before I reach for something sweet, I ask myself how different I can deal with this feeling, what else I can do for myself.

warns you your strict diet?

I eat meals with a specific caloric content, at fixed times.
Without indulgence, without speaking: no one has died from one bar yet.
Because a healthy person can afford one bar from time to time, and not someone who – like me before – cannot master.
A person addicted to him cannot drink one lamp of wine, just like a person addicted to food, he cannot eat one bar.
I know that in this matter I just can’t let myself go yet, and I learned to take it without claims to the world.
If someone says that he will only slim down a little, it will only lose weight a little.

I also started exercising.
Gradually, slowly, starting from a five -minute walk on the treadmill.
At the beginning it was a lot for me.
Today I stick to the doctor’s recommendations and look after 150 minutes of intensive movement a week.

A combination of a healthy diet and exercises is best results

(Elena Nichizhenova/Shutterstock)


Piotr runs up the stairs.
“Until the 15th floor I am ahead of the elevator”

You have used other possibilities to lose weight?

only a few percent of patients patients with obesity huge is able to leave it alone, sticking only to the caloric deficit.
Initially, I was helped by injections with lyreglutide and metformin.
But then I put it down the first and focused on a balanced diet and physical activity.

A popular option for some time are BA operationsRiatric.
I didn’t have a lot of my patients – yes.
In the case of second and third degree obesity, the National Health Fund reimburses these treatments.
They are helpful, but it is worth emphasizing that these are not wonderful ways to lose weight.
They all have side effects and all require solid work on themselves.
The head is the key, i.e. determination, to always eat healthy, that this active lifestyle will accompany us to the end.
Because there is no method that will keep it slim forever.
If I eat sweets and fast food, I will gain weight again.
Some people ask me if I’m afraid of it.
No, I’m not afraid.
I don’t believe I could go back there, but if I meet me, I can do it.
If I gain weight, it’s hard.
Regardless of the size, you need to learn to enjoy life, not wait to lose weight with plans or dreams.

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And with what stories do patients come to your office?
We have a saying in our industry environment that a patient is not an anecdote.
I like them very much, which is why I try not to talk about specific cases.

some complain that Fat Shaming touches them almost everywhere.
Especially in Poland, where we are extremely cruel to people plus size.
Part of society gives themselves the right to tell them how to live, to laugh at them, tell what they should do and what they should not.
I will not even mention fat shaming.
Or they enter the staircase and the people standing there suddenly stop, and then they start to show something.
Sometimes patients say that on the beach they hear my mother saying to the child: “I will not buy you a blowjob because you will look like this lady.”

Katarzyna Kucewicz is a psychologist and author of four books

(Ewa Przedpełska)

A girl with obesity hears that she should not go to the beach in a swimsuit.

because she should be ashamed.
It is terrible that we normalize this type of thinking.

Every time I spoke on television as an expert, many comments concerned my appearance, not the substance of the statement.
My competences were undermined because of how I looked.
There were comments like: what did she do with her?
Or: what is this psychologist, since he can’t lose weight.
I am neither a better psychologist or a better person.
She graduated from the Institute of Health Psychology of PTP.
She worked at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw, has been conducting independent practice for over a decade.
Author of four books, including
best -selling “women who feel too much”, recently translated into Croatian.
Infinitum.Tech. He specializes in original conversations with brave people. A passionate about coffee, elephants and classic cars.

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