• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Serious rape case shakes Israel

A 46-year-old Palestinian man from the village of Dir Kadis is accused of kidnapping and raping a seven-year-old Israeli girl. The accused worked with cleaning and maintenance at a school in the West Bank. Here he manages to establish contact with the seven-year-old girl by giving her sweets, writes Times of Israel.

The indictment describes how the man must have taken the girl with him to a building under construction near the school. There he must have held her down by force and raped her before he released her again. The Palestinian is now charged with aggravated rape, assault and kidnapping.

Police have indicted the man after a three-month investigation. The defendant denies all the charges against him, but according to Israeli media, he has not passed a lie detector test. Police must also have found the place where the rape took place. Here, the 46-year-old is believed to have worked in a part-time position.

The gross rape has shaken Israel. According to the victim’s explanation, two more people have been involved in the rape. They must have kept her down and laughed while the accused raped her. Police say they are looking for more suspects.

– It is difficult, and it is probably also difficult for you, not to think about the horrific incident in which a seven-year-old girl is subjected to such a sick, inhuman and unthinkable act, Israeli Security Minister Gilad Erdan told a memorial service for fallen Israeli police officers.

Erdan believes the rape appears to be nationalistically motivated. Therefore, he also believes that the perpetrator should be investigated for possible terrorism.

I have no doubt that the accused of the atrocity and those who helped him were affected by the incitement and hatred they are subjected to every day in the Palestinian territories. No matter what the disgusting rapist says about his motives and circumstances, such a case must be investigated as nationalistically motivated, he continued.

The police, on the other hand, do not believe there are any indications that the rape is nationalistically motivated. The family of the seven-year-old girl says they have hired educational experts and that they are trying to rehabilitate her.

The accused Palestinian started working at the school just after New Year.

Minister of Security Gilad Erdan believes the police should investigate a possible terrorist link. (Photo: Ben Kelmer / Flickr)

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