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What mistakes did some of the Danish newspapers make in their coverage of rocket attacks against Israel?


Hamas is strengthened and the news media is silent
Hamas’ latest rocket attack on Israel was violent – this is not the first time they have attacked Israel and it is unfortunately hardly the last time. MIFF has previously pointed out that Hamas has more and stronger missiles. It is a real threat to Israel, which we do not believe is taken seriously by the Danish news media.

We have looked at what Jyllands-Posten and Fyens Stiftstidende wrote about Hamas’ rocket attack on Israel.


Jyllands-Posten 4 – 5 May:

Jyllands-Posten headline d. May 4

Jyllands-Posten headline d. May 5

Comments on Jyllands-Posten’s articles on 4 – 5 May
Both days the headline and excerpt are the same:

The headline reads: “Palestinian woman and child killed in air strikes against Gaza “

If we read the headline alone – we mistakenly believe that Gaza has been attacked.

The excerpt reads: “While Hamas is negotiating in Egypt, hundreds of rockets are being fired at Israel, which is responding harshly again.”

Jyllands-Posten turns the course of events upside down
The newspaper’s headline is misleading – Israel has again responded to attacks from Gaza. However, if we only read the headline – we are left with the impression that Gaza was attacked by Israel – thus Israel appears as the aggressive party in the conflict. Coupled with the headline, the Israeli military is even portrayed as killing women and children.

In Jyllands-Posten’s article on 4 May, the explanation of why Israel carried out military operations in Gaza first appears in the article itself:

The Israeli airstrikes are a reaction to the fact that about 250 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip against Israel earlier on Saturday.
According to the Israeli rescue service, two people were injured. One of them was an elderly woman who was reported seriously injured.

Readers must therefore read the entire article to understand what led to Israel’s military operations in Gaza.

The first paragraph of the May 4 article begins with:

A pregnant Palestinian mother and her one-year-old child are among the four killed after Israeli airstrikes on Gaza on Saturday.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announces .


The Israeli military had no immediate comment. Earlier Saturday, the Israeli army said its airstrikes were aimed only at military targets.

Reuse of headline and excerpt on May 5
Although the newspaper writes that the article has been updated – it is probably the fewest of us who read the same article two days in a row – especially with homonymous headline and excerpt. Therefore, it is probably also the few who have noticed the very important update from the Israeli military in the article:

The Israeli military rejects the allegations made by the Gaza authorities. Israelis say Hamas is to blame for the deaths.

– What we hear is the terrorist organization’s propaganda at its best, says Israeli Army spokesman Ronen Manelis on Twitter.

– The mother and the girl who are said to have been killed in an Israeli attack in Gaza were killed by Hamas’ use of weapons, he adds.

Hamas is good at using women and children in their propaganda
Hamas is known for using women and children to advance their agenda. For example, they have used women and children in their violent riots along the border between Gaza and Israel – knowing that their lives are at stake. MIFF has also pointed out that Hamas has promised children money if they were injured during the riots.

The number of rockets fired at Israel was not updated
MIFF has pointed out that from Saturday 4 May to Monday 6 May, more than 700 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel. Nevertheless, Jyllands-Posten did not think it was relevant to update the number of rocket launches from Gaza in their updated article on Sunday:

The Israeli airstrikes are a reaction to the fact that about 250 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip against Israel earlier on Saturday.

The escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict comes at a time when the Hamas movement, which is in power in the Gaza Strip, is in Cairo with its armed branch, Islamic Jihad.

Lack of information about Hamas and Islamic Jihad
Jyllands-Posten mentions both Hamas and Islamic Jihad. But they are not informed that they are terrorist organizations. They both pose a real threat to Israel’s existence. There is also no information about Hamas ‘arming of rockets or Hamas’ militant branch, Islamic Jihad – which does not want a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel.

Fyens Stiftstidende

Fyens Stiftstidende d. 4 mai:

Funen Herald-Tribune d. May 4

Comments on Fyens Stiftstidende’s article on May 4.

The headline reads:

Rockets fired at Israel from Gaza

Below the headline is a picture of two men sitting on the floor with their faces hidden between their legs.

The corresponding caption reads:

Relatives of a Palestinian militant killed by Hamas. Following clashes on Friday in which four Palestinians were killed, about 50 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip against Israel, the Israeli army said.

Incompatibility between headline and image
The headline reads: “Rockets fired at Israel from Gaza”

However, the article’s image shows relatives of: ” a Palestinian militant killed by Hamas “.

The headline and image of the article are not related. Hamas fired rockets at Israel’s civilian population. Israel is committed to protecting its people and must necessarily respond to Hamas’ attacks. Therefore, we are surprised that the newspaper did not bring a picture showing some of the suffering and destruction that Hamas rockets have inflicted on the Israelis.

The article states:

The Israeli action took place after two Israeli soldiers were reported wounded in a border shooting.
Friday, thousands of Palestinians demonstrated in Gaza at the border to Israel, writes the news agency AP. At least 50 Palestinians were injured or slightly injured during the clashes, Gaza health officials say. Palestinians have been protesting at the Gaza border at least once a week since March last year. More than 200 Palestinians and one Israeli soldier have been killed during these demonstrations.

Hamas’ violent riots have been renamed “demonstrations”
As is so often the case in newspaper articles, “background information” is provided. This is a really good practice – if the background information is accurate. But what does it say here?

Fyens Stiftstidende mentions the Palestinians’ weekly demonstrations along the border with Israel that have been going on for more than a year. But there is no mention of violent riots orchestrated by Hamas, in which civilians are sent to the front to fight the Israeli military.

The newspaper also does not mention that Hamas has started the riots – because they demand that all Palestinians have the right to return to present-day Israel. We have previously written several articles that it is unrealistic for about 6 million Palestinians to enter Israel. The UN system has kept the Palestinians in a victim role, where they continue to be considered refugees. The UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 194 in 1948. Article 11 states that the Palestinians could return to Israel if they would live in peace with their Israeli neighbors. At the time, the Arab countries rejected that offer and there is no indication that the Palestinians want to live in peace with the Israelis.

After 71 years of fighting for the small piece of land that Israel consists of, background information in articles on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians should highlight that terrorist organizations such as Hamas do not want to find a peaceful solution – they have their own non-peaceful agenda.

On Sunday 6 May, Fyens Stiftstidende published the following article:

Fynes Herald-Tribune d. May 6

The headline reads: “At least 26 people were killed in fighting in Gaza and Israel over the weekend”

The article’s picture shows an ambulance and two men carrying a little boy. The caption reads: “Two Palestinian men carry a boy from an ambulance to a hospital in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip on Sunday night, where fears of a new war are growing.”

Only after the image of the article are we informed that: “For the first time in five years, Israeli civilians have been killed by rockets from Gaza. The fighting does not seem to have subsided.”

The article continues with:

Since Saturday, 22 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes against Gaza, including at least eight members of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad militant groups.

Militant Palestinians have fired more than 600 rockets into southern Israel over the weekend, killing at least four civilians here.

This is the status quo after a bloody weekend in which the violent escalation of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian enclave has raised fears of a new war.

Militant groups have threatened to send rockets further into Israel.
Islamic Jihad, the armed branch of Hamas, has announced that it is ready to “enter into an open confrontation and can open a wider front to defend our country and our people”.

The Israeli military says it has hit 250 targets in Gaza in response to Palestinian rocket launches. Among other things, the Israeli attacks have hit weapons depots and tunnels, the military says.

There is something wrong with the proportions
Although Fynes Stiftstidende writes in the article that Hamas has fired more than 600 rockets into Israel, the newspaper has chosen not to mention it in the headline or show the rockets’ damage in Israel. As mentioned before, Hamas is a terrorist organization that deliberately chooses to direct its weapons at Israeli civilians and abuse the civilian population in Gaza.

The newspaper even writes that militant groups threaten to send rockets further into Israel and that Islamic Jihad has stated that they are ready to: “enter into an open confrontation and can open a wider front to defend our country and our people “.

It is also mentioned that the Israeli military has destroyed smuggling tunnels. However, the newspaper does not link to relevant information where readers can gain more knowledge about the conflict or the tunnels. The newspaper also does not add a fact box where readers can get an overview of how / when the conflict arose or how it has developed over time. Thus, the conflict appears as if it had just arisen – which is not the case. Readers who do not know the conflict do not know that Israel has been fighting Palestinian terrorist organizations for many years. It is crucial knowledge for us to be able to understand what daily threat Israel is living with and why they have to make difficult decisions, which may be difficult to understand in Denmark, but which are necessary in the reality in which Israel lives.

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