• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

From Saturday morning to Monday morning, terrorists in Gaza fired about 700 rockets and grenades at Israel. It is far from the first time that Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the two largest terrorist groups in Gaza, are sending a rain of rockets against the Israeli civilian population. Over the past year, over 1,000 rockets were fired at Israel. In the space of 48 hours in November alone, 500 rockets were fired. That is, since last year, 1,700 rockets and grenades have been fired at Israel. In the last six months alone, 1,200 rockets have been fired.

Despite this, the terrorist groups are not running out of rockets. Hamas boasts that it has more missiles now than it had before the Gaza war in 2014. In addition, the missiles are both more powerful and more advanced than before.

So where do the terrorists get all their rockets from? Former intelligence chief Yaakov Amidror, now a senior member of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies, says many of the rockets were smuggled out of Egypt and into Gaza while Egypt was ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood. In addition, equipment and machinery to produce the rockets were smuggled into the enclave. Thus, the terrorists have the capacity to build many of the rockets themselves.

“Before the regime changes, Egypt actually allowed the terrorist groups access to the equipment needed to produce rockets,” he told the Jerusalem Post.

When General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi took power in Egypt, many of the smuggling tunnels from Egypt into the Gaza Strip were permanently closed.

Many of the Palestinian weapons factories are underground, making it difficult for the Israeli defense to detect and destroy them.

Gabi Siboni, an Israeli military analyst, says Hamas has “a range of advanced, accurate and effective weapons”. It includes, among other things, laser-guided anti-tank missiles and shoulder-fired anti-aircraft guns. In addition to a number of types of missiles, such as Iranian-produced Fajr 5 and Syrian-produced M-302, Hamas also has a large number of grenade launchers. The Israeli defense has estimated that the terrorist groups have about 20,000 rockets and grenades.

It is the Islamic Republic of Iran that largely pays for the rockets.

Illustration shows that all of Israel is within reach of some of the rockets in Hamas’ arsenal. (Illustration: IDF)

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