• Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

– Why anti-Zionism is more deadly than anti-Semitism


I always get suspicious when I hear someone say that they “strongly support Israel’s right to exist.” Yes please. I also strongly support your right to exist, David Suissa begins laconic.

– The question is how did Israel’s right to exist at all come up, he continues.

– We never hear about Syria’s right to exist, or Libya’s right to exist or Sudan’s right to exist or Yemen’s right to exist. A country can carry out genocide against its own people or inflict the worst humanitarian disasters on them, and no one raises the issue of “right to exist”. So why is there such talk about Israel?

«Here’s my theory: If you hate Jews so much that you want to undermine their existence, your best strategy is to go after Israel. Jew-haters know they can not start a movement to exterminate Jews, so they do the next best thing: They secretly try to undermine the world’s only Jewish state. “

In a commentary article in the right-wing Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom, David Suissa argues that anti-Zionism is more deadly than anti-Semitism.

He believes that behind the various campaigns against Israel, whether it is a boycott or military terrorist attacks, lies a rejection of the Jews as a people. Jews may be accepted as a religious minority, but anti-Zionists see it as a provocation that the Jewish people are taking their place in the international arena.

– Anti-Semitism revolves around one emotion: hatred. Anti-Zionism revolves around one action: extermination, writes Suissa. The commentator was born in Morocco, grew up in Montreal and now lives in California with his five children. He is the editor of the Jewish Journal.

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