• Mon. May 16th, 2022

Infinitum News had a range of over two million in one week


Since May 10, Israel defended himself against Islamist terror groups who have attacked Israel’s civilian population with now almost 4000 rockets – the figure is constantly increasing, also where more Israeli cities are attacked.

MIFF knows from experience that the manufacturing of the great Danish and Norwegian media is screaming, deficient and partly wrong when there is crisis between the Israelis and the Palestinians (see the book the fake car from Israel and MIFFS latest Fact check). Therefore, from the first day, we have stepped up our information work, including paid campaigns online.

in Denmark, Infinitum News had to stop a detection campaign after we were exposed to violent comments filled with extremely hateful language. How we subsequently wrote on Facebook:

MIFFS Figures in the first week of the conflict is record high
at Miff.no we had 124,000 visits. It is twice as high as the weekly average during the best visited month during the Gaza war in 2014.

The figures Facebook gives us range on our side and group is up to 800,000, in addition we have reached even more via video clips, pictures and articles shared in other contexts on Facebook. MIFF’s video clips on Facebook had over 160,000 views over the course of one week.

Twitter states that MIFFS messages BLE Set 128,212 times in one week, YouTube informs that MIFF’s video clips and direct consignments have had 57,498 views. On Instagram, Infinitum News has reached nearly 10,000 users.

For together, it is a range of nearly 1.1 million. In addition, Google informs that MIFF’s ads on the search engine and other Google services had over 900,000 views. All in all, MIFF information, in larger and smaller formats, has come beyond more than two million times, and we can safely state that MIFF arguments are seen and heard of hundreds of thousand inhabitants of Norway. In addition, Infinitum News has had a significant range in Denmark.

that there is an organization that Israeli Perspectives is only possible thanks to MIFF members and support players. Infinitum News receives no state aid and has no major sponsors, all our work rests on individuals who support the right of Jewish people to a national home country in Israel support our information work.

Over the past few weeks, MIFF members in Norway have increased by over 150. Overall, we are in Norway, Denmark and Iceland well on Road over 12,000 members!

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