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When things are put in the right perspective
There are times in life that are landmark – moments that make you see everything in a new light. For me, attending MIFF’s Israel conference 2019 in Kristiansand, Norway (read MIFF’s report here) was one of those moments where things were put in their proper perspective.

Together with MIFF you are part of something much bigger
The conference set a new record with over 200 participants. The first thing that struck me was the warm reception and indescribable support I was greeted with by all MIFFers.

I found out that all of us who are part of MIFF are also part of something much bigger – an organization where everyone works for the same goal: To speak for Israel on behalf of all the Israelis friends out there. MIFF brings together all friends of Israel, regardless of their political and religious views – you will immediately notice this when you meet MIFFs – whether they are employees or members. Everyone is dedicated and puts all their energy into reaching as many people as possible with the good news!

See all video clips from the conference here.

Israel’s Ambassador – Israelis Focus on Cooperation and Life
The conference featured exciting lectures and speeches. The Israeli ambassador to Norway, Alon Roth, told bla. about modern Israel – a country characterized by innovation, a strong desire to cooperate with the rest of the world and a belief in the best in man. The Israelis focus on life – not on the terrorist threat or death. The Israelis want to further develop their country and contribute what they do best – think outside the box and find solutions. Roth delivered an inspiring and heartwarming speech which aroused great enthusiasm.

Leon de Winter – The Future of the Jews in Europe Does Not Look Promising
The author, Leon de winter told about growing up in the Netherlands in a poor, Jewish-Orthodox family with a Holocaust surviving mother . De Winter also told that he does not believe the Jews have a future in Europe. He believes that in time they will immigrate to Israel – the country where, despite challenges, they will be able to feel safe. De Winter’s lectures were touching and exciting and he brought tears and smiles to several of the participants.

Orit and Anat brought tears to their eyes
In addition to annual reports and exciting questions from the participants, there were also personal stories from two Israeli women who feel the threat from Gaza on their own bodies. Orit Zadikevitch and Anat Maoz live in kibbutzim near the Gaza border. Together with their family, the women try to live a normal life – even though the reality they live in is anything but normal. Orit and Anat told bla. second about their dilemma when the air alarm sounds during rocket attacks from Gaza and there are only 10 seconds to reach the shelter.

  • As a mother, how can you make sure your children feel safe knowing that you will not be able to bring them to safety in time?
  • How can you educate your children to believe in the best in man when there are those who want to harm your children?

Orit and Anat also said they want peace and security for their children and the children of the Palestinians. Both women dream of living in good neighborliness with the Palestinians.

Orit and Anat’s story hit right in the heart, many of the audience cried and there was standing ovations.

Former Lieutenant Colonel Grisha Yakubovich on the collaboration with PA
There was also a lecture by former Lieutenant Colonel, Grisha Yakubovich. Grisha came to Israel as a little boy from Ukraine, where he was subjected to violent anti-Semitism. Grisha grew up in an ultra-Orthodox-Jewish family, but chose to become secular as an adult. Both of his parents are Holocaust survivors and virtually their entire family died during the war.

Through her 30-year military career, Grisha has in-depth knowledge of how Palestinian society works and thinks. Today, he lectures around the world on his military experiences. Grisha speaks fluent Arabic and has for several years worked very closely with the Palestinian Authority on security, for example. It made a strong impression when Grisha told of an episode in which a Palestinian woman blew herself up during one of the security crossings between Israel and Gaza. Grisha was responsible for the Israeli soldiers who died in the suicide attack and he had to assemble the corpses of the soldiers himself and tell the families that their sons would not return home. Grisha found out that the woman who committed the attack had done so at the urging of her husband on suspicion that she had been unfaithful to him. Her suicide attack was thus supposed to save the family honor. It also turned out that the Palestinian authorities knew the attack would happen – yet they chose not to warn Grisha in advance. As Grisha said – he could no longer trust the Palestinian Authority.

MIFF is growing – help us grow even more!
MIFF in Denmark is growing and new members are joining on a daily basis. We are extremely happy about that and we know that in time MIFF will be big enough for us to hold an Israel conference in Copenhagen, where all Israel’s friends and MIFFers can gather and support each other in our fight to speak for Israel.

Even though it was a packed program, I came home with renewed energy and fighting spirit! What about you out there who love Israel – come and join MIFF, help make a difference, help support Israel – Israel needs YOU, me and us more than ever.
Sign up for MIFF < here</✓ .

Many thanks to all Norwegian MIFFers and Israel’s friends
Many thanks to all of you wonderful MIFFers who have given hugs and encouragement during the conference – even though I can not remember your name, you have made a big impression on me.

Many thanks to MIFF Norway for your support and love for MIFF in Denmark, for Israel and for the Jewish people. Without your support, we could not work for the cause of Israel!

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