• Tue. May 17th, 2022

Now you can read the whole “Lie Industry” for free online


With Israel for Peace (MIFF) became aware of Ben-Dror Yemini (link to miff.no articles in Norwegian) many years ago. As early as 2004, we published an article in which he pointed out how Europe totally discriminates against Palestinian refugees on the one hand and all other refugees in the world on the other.

In 2012, we became personally acquainted with the Israeli veteran journalist when he gave two lectures at MIFF’s Israel conference in Sandnes. “Europe supports warriors in the name of human rights,” Yemini stated. He speaks in a low voice, but his warnings deserve to be spread to all who will listen!

Therefore, there was no debate in MIFF’s board when Yemini published a new book in Hebrew in the autumn of 2014. The book will be part of MIFF’s book series!

Ypini spends most of his time refuting the lies of those who portray the Jewish state as a historical error and accuse Israel of ethnic cleansing, genocide, apartheid and child murder. Every single lie is crushed with hard facts and good comparisons. His defense of Israel as a national homeland for the Jewish people is very convincing. Therefore, the book is also important for all those who are critical of Israel.

Yemini longs for peace with the Palestinians and welcomes criticism of Israel. He himself is critical of many aspects of Israel’s actions, not least the outposts and settlements built deep in the West Bank. It is not criticism of Israel that the author wants to bring to life with his book, it is the malicious and demonizing lies. It’s scary to see the red-green alliance Yemini undress – socialists (red) and Islamists (green) uniting in the struggle for a future without Israel.

In the last sentence of the book it says:

”If knowledge is power, and if lies can be fought, this book is a small contribution to it. For the Palestinians and the Muslims, the Jews and the Israelis for peace and reconciliation in the Middle East, for a just solution – the truth must prevail. ”

The lie industry is sold out in paper format. We have therefore obtained Yemini’s permission to make the book available free of charge online. This is a great gift package for all Israel friends and all friends of the truth.

Click here to access the entire Lie industry revealed in all its horror (link to Issuu).

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