• Tue. Feb 7th, 2023


Here are some of the main topics in the consignment.

NRK has received fewer fewer complaints than before for their coverage of the Gaza war and Infinitum News respond to the question Hamas asked for NRK.

Leader in the Palestinian Self Governors (PA) Sier They will continue the cycle of blood and killing.

UN leader in Gaza says Israeli defense did not hit civilian on purpose. The US Foreign Minister agrees: Israel made significant measures to avoid Rather Civilian, says Anthony Blink.

During the consignment, you can also hear that a group of Norwegian Jews requires that Shaun Henrik Matehson’s antisetic attacks have consequences for his working conditions in NRK. You also get my comment on one of the most extreme statements that have ever come from a Norwegian municipal board.

All first, we ask: What is the real reason why so many hate Israel?

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