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The Heritage Center for Middle East and North Africa Jewry is a new Israeli initiative aimed at creating an international museum on the history of Jews (Mizrahi Jews) in Arab countries in Jerusalem.

– The majority of the Jews in Israel have direct roots in the Arab world. Many come from [Jewish] communities that existed for more than 2500 years – read more HERE in Norwegian, says Eran Teboul, chairman of the planned museum.

– Although those societies no longer exist, the memory of them lives on in the language, culture and traditions of millions of Jews both in Israel and around the world, he adds. From the 1930s, the Jews in the Arab world experienced a violently increased harassment and persecution, something that culminated in a mass exodus that reduced the number of Jews from about one million Jews to a few thousand – read more about it HERE.

On Sunday, December 6, Teboul signed a historic agreement with the Crossroads of Civilizations Museum in Dubai, writes Jewish Press. The two museums will work together to tell about the common history of Jews and Arabs, and secure Jewish memorials in the Arab world.

Israel’s normalization agreements (Abraham agreements – read more about them HERE) with the Emirates and Bahrain, have set in motion a large number of cooperation projects.

MIFF’s active role in increasing the focus on the fate of the Jews in the Arab world
In an international context, Infinitum News has played an active role in focusing on thousands of years of Jewish history in the Arab countries come to light, and that the roots, history, culture, and flight of Jews from Arab countries should be weighted to a greater degree by pro-Israel spokesmen. It was also a matter of the heart for MIFF’s former newspaper editor Odd Myrland. It happened after Eran Teboul came in contact with Infinitum News about two years ago that he was inspired to start work on creating The Heritage Center for Middle East and North Africa Jewry in Jerusalem. Teboul made contact with other organizations and individuals who also wanted to see a museum about the history of the Jews in Arab countries be established in Jerusalem, and Infinitum News welcomes the fact that the work continues to progress and will grow further in the future. Read more about MIFF’s work to increase awareness of almost 1 mile. the fate of Jews in Arab countries and how thousands of years of Jewish history disappeared overnight HERE.

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