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A special opportunity on Monday in Lidl! Soft and comfortable sets 30% cheaper. Similar in Reserved and HM

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We love tracksuits for their convenience and practicality.
It is worth having them in your wardrobe, because they will be useful during a spring walk or weekend on the plot.
Tracksuits can also be worn in the city center.
Pandemic made them permanently entered street fashion.
The sets presented below look very stylish.


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soft and comfortable sweatproof sets.
Now cheaper

On Monday, 20.03 in stationary stores lidl there will be a unique promotion.
By buying two pieces of sweatshirt and sports clothing, you will pay 30% less for a cheaper one .
The offer includes proposals for both women and men.
The promotion covers sweatshirts, pants, t-shirts, leggings or bras.

My attention was caught especially by these sweatpants.
They are available in three colors.
The sweatshirt has a hood, and the pants legs are finished with cuffs.
Both in the composition of the sweatshirt and pants, a large percentage is cotton , thanks to which such a set will be soft and comfortable.

sweatshirt and sweatpants and sweatshirts Photo.

fashionable sweat set from Reserved.
Now cheaper

The stylish sweatshirt set is also included in the reserved offer.
It consists of an oversized hoodie and free pants with legs ended with an elastic band.
The beige set caught my attention especially.
It also has cotton in the composition.

sweatshirt sweatshirt from sales Photo.

sweatpants from sales Photo.

This set will work not only during exercise or at home. This season we also wear a tracksuit in everyday stylizations.
In spring, you can combine it with a classic trench coat or quilted vest.

stylish sweat set with H&M.
In spring color

The fashionable sweat set is also available in h & m .
The set consists of an unbuttoned hoodie and pants with a wide leg.
It is available in several colors, but I liked the pistachio one the most.
This is a great proposition for the upcoming spring.

unbuttoned sweatshirt Photo.
H & m

sweatpants Photo.
H & m

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