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After this syrup, Sansewieria will grow like crazy. One ingredient is enough


This plant is appreciated by both beginners and experienced amateurs of potted plants.
It has spectacular leaves in several variants.
It is impossible not to notice her, and at the same time she can forgive some neglect.
She was on the list of the most fashionable plants in the interior design.
Thanks to this home method, it will be even more pleasing to the eye.


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What does Sansewieria need?
Not much, but you have to remember something

Sansewieria leaves resemble sabers.
They are long, thick and stiff, completely unusual.
For this reason, it is also sometimes called a coil and includes as a group of succulents that are really resistant.
Sansewieria stores water in leaves, so it can withstand for a long time without watering .
She is known for its air purification properties.
It will be best growing in a ready substrate for succulents.

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Do you grow at home monster?
Check if you care about her properly

prefers bright positions and economical watering, in warm months it is enough to do it every two weeks.
It is fatal for her to transfer, the roots rot quickly and save her difficult.
In this situation, it is best to overdo the plant to a new land.
It needs systematic fertilization, in this case the sweet sandblasted syrup.

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best fertilizer for Sansewieria.
Syrup from sweet potatoes significantly accelerates growth

sweet potato is a vegetable full of vitamins and microelements that are healthy not only for humans, but also for potted plants.
All you need to do is cut into small cubes and pour 1 liter of boiled cool water.
Mix the whole smoothly, and then wipe through a sieve and keep the liquid.
The resulting syrup is fertilized with Sansewier every 7 days.

Source: portal deccoria.pl

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