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Brooke is already 61 years old from “Fashion for Success”. “I still remember the first wedding with Ridge”


Katherine Kelly Lang is already 61 years old, and viewers most associate her with the role of Brooke in the series “Fashion for Success”.
The woman has been appearing at the soap opera since 1987, so for 36 years.
The character from the beginning aroused a lot of emotions, and some seem even controversial. What does the actress look like today?


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You remember Brooke from “Fashion for success? The actress is already 61 years old and is still impressed with impeccable appearance

Brooke Logan often drove in the series of intrigues, but she also fell victim to them.
The figure stood on a wedding rug 21 times.
Some ceremonies were interrupted during, others were annulled, and others ended in divorce. There is no doubt that this role was brought by Katherine Kelly Lang world fame.
In an interview with the portal “ET” in 2022, the actress returned to the first wedding of the heroine she played.
It turns out that he remembers him perfectly.
“I still remember the first wedding I had with Ridge.”
He was on the beach, we rode a horse – she said.
I was crazy, and when I got off the horse, my dress looked a bit like Cinderella.
It was simply very romantic, so I loved this dress.
I liked it very much because it was Brooke’s first wedding.
Besides, there were so many of them that I don’t even remember the rest.

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What does the serial Brooke do now?
The actress still impresses with her beauty and figure

Katherine Kelly Lang was born on July 25, 1961.
Today it still looks delightful and can enjoy an impeccable figure.
It owes its form to diet and exercises.
The woman publishes photos and recordings on Instagram on an ongoing basis, where she shares with fans of life fragments, as well as playing on the set.
Last year, she celebrated the 35th anniversary of “Fashion for Success”, and in the series she appears from the first episodes.
The actress has not given up work on television to this day.
– It is hard to imagine and really dress in words, because I am very grateful that I have been here for years, I have had a job for years.
And I don’t even like to call it a job because it is more fun.
Something I really like to do.
I love to come to work with all these people.
They are great.
It’s like going home, we work with our family.
Everyone supports me very much and it is great.
I love getting scripts every day and check what my character is doing – she confessed to the conversation for the portal “et”.

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