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Do you have crystals from the PRL at home? You can earn a lot of money on them. Some copies are worth 10,000 zloty


In recent years we have been observing a return to items from the Polish People’s Republic.
People’s Christmas tree decorations, furniture, as well as once popular crystals are returning to favor.
If you keep them in the basement or in the attic, it is worth downloading them.
Some copies can be worth a lot.


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Pasta A row was a hit in the PRL.
The recipe is very simple

Peerelowe crystals are coming back to favor.
At auctions, they reach dizzying sums

On auction sites and advertising websites there are more and more things from the times of the Polish People’s Republic.
The famous crystals are a sensation.
They used to be in every home – confectioners, vases, ashtrays or crystal bowls, with time became a symbol of kitsch.
In recent years, however, they are coming back to favor.
Vintage style has become fashionable, and crystals and trinkets from the time of communism are more and more sought after.
Popular items can be bought for a dozen or several dozen zlotys, but rarer copies reach dizzying sums.
Collectors are able to pay a lot for them.
On the market, one of the most sought after is a glass asteroid vase that has bubbles on the surface.
– This is the project of Jan Sylwester Drozd for Huta Ząbkowice.
He costs PLN 800 – Anna Indulska, the owner of the Vintage store, explained in the program “Good Morning TVN”.
She added that some things reach the price of several thousand zlotys.
Rare vases cost up to 10,000

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How to distinguish the crystal from glass?
There are several differences

The crystal is a kind of glass, but the differences between them can be seen with the naked eye.
In the crystal composition we will find an admixture of lead glass and it is thanks to this ingredient on the crystals that it is easy to add decorations or give it form.
Crystals reflect the light harder and are more transparent, have a smoother surface, but at the same time they are heavier.
Six glass whiskey glasses weigh about 1.7 kg, while the same glasses made of crystal will weigh about 2 kg.

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