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Do you remember MacGyver? The actor is already 73 years old and says that the role is also useful to him in his life. This is how it looks now


MacGyver was very popular, also in Poland.
The series premiered on September 29, 1985, and the production ended on May 21, 1992.
139 episodes are a huge portion of curiosities and clever tricks that were not completely detached from reality.
MacGyver could do something impressive out of nothing, and this kidnapped viewers, although it was also often an object of jokes. 73-year-old performer of the main role says that these experiences also moved many times to life.


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“who has chewing gum, matches and a pin, he has everything.”
Science and adventure

MacGyver was famous for overcoming opponents with intricate inventions made of daily subjects and scientific know-how.
The main character worked for the fictitious organization of Phoenix Foundation, dealing with solving international problems.
The series often showed scientific methods and real principles of physics.
A lot of fan profiles were created, on which the hero’s tricks are tested, which are not just sensational curiosities.
Many of them can be successfully reproduced.
Sam Anderson had the opportunity to meet with NASA astronauts, who were fans of the series and made contact with him.

from a hockey player to actor.
MacGyver also in life

Initially, Richard Anderson wanted to become a hockey player, but his knee injury forced him to change his plans.
He broke two hands in several places.
Before MacGyver he appeared as Dr.
Jeff Webber in the American series “City Hospital”.
It was a typical soap opera that provided him with relative stability, but less satisfaction.

The producers were surprised when I handed them my two -week termination and left the studio.
They could not believe that I was abandoning a permanent job and good salary.
I’ve always been a risky type.

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Ideal for work

35-year-old Anderson took the role of MacGyver with great excitement, but he did not expect such a success of the series.
Years later, he said that he understood that it happened because the hero definitely stands out from other series.

He is a hero other than everyone else.
He is a character who presents alternative ways to fight the villains.
He doesn’t pull out the gun and shoots.
It is removed aside to in a moment to devise an innovative way to go out even from the most hopeless situation.

The actor liked risk and adrenaline, so there were no doubles in the series.
He played all stunt scenes himself .
However, he was not indestructible, once he even needed foot surgery after injury.
During the filming of the MacGyver series, Anderson was inspired by his father, who was an engineer and had a lot of useful knowledge.

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He played in the most popular series for 20 years.
His career exploded thanks to a mustache, choose the website

Slogan: “His mind is the most powerful weapon” has become a hit.
Restless spirit in life

Richardson admitted that in everyday life he also uses the skills of “macGyver”, i.e. improvisation in unusual situations.
Anderson had a great need to independence and be in motion and change the place, which is why it was difficult for him to build a long -lasting relationship .
She has a daughter of Quinn Annarose with his partner Apryl Prose.
He is currently an active philanthropist.
He is the founder and member of the board of the SEA Shepherd Conservation Society Foundation, which works to protect maritime life.
After the series, he himself produced series and films.

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