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Do you rub dust in this way? You do it wrong! Pour it into the water and get rid of the problem

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The awaited new season is coming, so we will soon go to spring cleaning.
Before Christmas, we are particularly eager to clean furniture from dust.
In general, we reach for a wet cloth, possibly with the addition of dishwashing liquid, and then on the gloss sprays.
and many people with irritability notice that the dust is still cuddly, only crumbling. There are two simple ways to eliminate this problem.


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The wet cloth is ineffective.
Dry cleaning is important

wiping dust with a wet cloth does not make sense.
In this way we will have to clean up about every 3 days.
The wet cloth does not collect it sufficiently effectively, and besides, the furniture still remains unsecured, so it will quickly dust.
The first stage is mechanically getting rid of dust, but dry. The best for this will be dust brooms, so -called swiffer, or a dust vacuum cleaner.
We often forget about it, and is extremely useful and effective.
Once we effectively cleanse the furniture, in the next step we protect it against depositing dust.
and for this task will be perfect … rinsing liquid!

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fluid is rinsing not only to fabrics.
Creates a protective barrier

Rinsing fluid not only smells beautiful, but also has anti -static properties.
It reduces and neutralizes the electric charge, which is why effectively “repel dust” .
Furniture paved with fabric rinsing liquid is resistant to it, and the effect lasts really long.
How to prepare the appropriate mixture?
You will need a washer in which water and liquid mix in a 4: 1 ratio. We spray the surface with liquid, wipe with a dry cloth and it’s ready!

see video

how to cultivate the sink so that it is always shiny and clean?

A side effect is a beautiful fragrance at home that will stay really long.

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