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Do you want a successful marriage? 12 commandments of a good husband, can be a recipe for a happy relationship

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On the Internet you can find many different “experts” profiles from in fact every field.
It is our responsibility that we skillfully select accounts that we observe and check several times whether people claiming to be specialists in a given field, they are actually.

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Mozil checked his marriage in “Asia Express”. Dorota Mozil: Czesław is a chauvinist!

On Twitter, the post of specialist in marriage and raising children recently aroused a lot of emotions.
He created a list of 12 sentences that the husband should regularly repeat to his wife.
However, Internet users agreed in the comments, claiming that the list is extremely accurate.

What does the internet user list look like @foundedydads , which on his Twitter profile “helps become a better father” and “is a leader in the household” also supports “Men’s education
sons and women’s daughters “?
Can you really find a greater truth in it?
Judge for yourself.

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Follow me

The author of the post claims that a woman wants to follow her husband.
The word “husband” is to be combined with home management and leadership.
The husband should lead the house, ensure safety and be a ‘leader “.

I will deal with it

In this position we read that the man has wide shoulders to wear heavy things.
It was created to perform difficult tasks.
The husband should want to undertake difficult tasks.
If he sees that his wife is stressed, he should want to solve her problem immediately and relieve her.

I love you

Love is the foundation of everything.
If the husband doesn’t love his wife, nothing else does.
Love is the basis of a healthy relationship.

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A, family, children

You are beautiful

The husband chooses his wife and should affirm his choice by regularly emphasizing and appreciating her beauty.
He should not look at other women, he should not compare her to other women.
It is his wife who should be a determinant of female beauty for him.

I’m sorry, forgive me

The husband should know when to apologize.
He should know when he made a mistake.
He should not apologize for the sake of peace, but do it straight from the heart.
Otherwise, the relationship will be built on a lie.


The husband should know when to refuse something to his wife.
The husband should be able to set healthy boundaries.
A husband who can’t stand up to his wife is also unable to put in on her either.

I listen to you

wife needs a companion, she needs to know that she is heard. And while the husband must set boundaries, she must also be open to listen to his wife.
He cannot be guided by pride.

I need you

The husband should not be afraid to speak openly that he needs help from his wife.

I want you

The wife must feel that she is desirable by her husband.
A healthy marriage must be built on a mutual sexual train.

Don’t worry about it

Wife will often worry.
The husband must be able to listen to her worries and fears, but at some point he must tell her not to worry.
If the marriage is built on trust, the wife will know that they will solve the problem together.

You have more important things to do

The husband cannot be responsible for keeping his wife’s family.
This is his task.
For a wife, it is more important to raise children, take care of the house.

Thank you

Husband will ask for a lot of things his wife, he must be able to show gratitude.
He should look for this opportunity.
The wife does many things that a husband would not be able to do.
No man wears scars after signing children.

Do you want your relationship to be lasting and happy?
Try the 5c principle.
The effects may surprise (illustrative photo)

Reading the list created by the Internet user @Foundedsdads We see clearly what values he confesses.
Everyone has the right to build their lives in the form that they consider to be correct and which makes him happy.
Regardless of whether the values professed by @foundedydads are in line with ours or not, we can agree that the list is based primarily on joint respect, love and gratitude for building a home together.
It depends on us whether we decide on a classic home model or not.
One thing is certain, we must be able to support our partner or partner and make them feel loved and appreciated every day.


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