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Dog droppings on rugs are everyday life. “Playboy bunnies” about life in Wili: Time was stood there in 1980


At the beginning of 2022, the documentary film “Secrets of Playboy” premiered, where colleagues and colleagues Hugh Hefner told about life in the villa.
Shocking facts came to light, which has not been talked about so far.
Knowledge with “King of Playboy” was to resemble the sect.
The man was to force women to orgy, drug use and use mental violence.


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Martyna Wojciechowska recalls the session in Playboy “At present I would do differently”

Do you remember the lady from the dean’s office in “Kogel Mogel”?
Rzeszewska is already 67 years old

What happened behind the door of the residence?
“Playboy bunnies” about life with Hugh Hefner

Hefner’s favorite girls for a long time were Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt.
And although Hugh Hefner left in 2017, he is still loud around him.
Recently, Holly and Bridget appeared in the podcast “Juicy Scoop”, where they revealed a bit more facts from life in the residence.
Women were to be forced to have unprotected sex.
Bridget told about the situation when she saw Orgia cooperation/' target='_blank'>cooperation-documents-were-signed/' target='_blank'>for the first time.
One of the women was to approach her and ask if she would join, and when she refused, she heard that she would not be invited to the villa again.

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is chosen in a cruise around the world.
“It is more pleasant to go to the sea”

What was not talking about life with Hugh Hefner?
Venereal diseases, dirt and animal droppings

In the Hugh Hefner villa, venereal diseases and lack of hygiene were the problem.
In a residence of up to 70 rooms, there was to be a mess and dirt, and on the exclusive rugs there were dog droppings.
Women tried to decorate their rooms to make them look a bit better and cozy, but the treatments had no effect when there was such a mess around.
– He didn’t want to change anything.
Time stopped there in 1980 – said Carla Howe in one of the interviews.

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