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Fashionable flowers for the living room. These potted plants are beautiful and not very demanding


It is an incredible green plants that can enrich the interior of the house.
But this is not only a matter of decoration, but also personal satisfaction.
When we see how the plants grow and beautiful in our eyes thanks to our efforts, we also have the joy of working in care.
Each plant is a puzzle to solve, we must know its needs and sense the individual “life” mode. As it turns out, in this area you can also talk about trends. Here are some fashionable home flowers in spring 2023.


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Sansewieria and Kalatea.
Marants will also be fashionable

Sansewieria, also known as “mother -in -law language”, is an ideal plant for people who do not yet practice in home crops.
It is easy to care, it tolerates the lack of light and can withstand without watering for a long time.
Sansewierie are available in various varieties and sizes, so you can choose them for any interior.
Their magnificent fleshy leaves have colorful belts or thickness.
Look phenomenal!

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Do you grow at home monster?
Check if you care about her properly

Kalatea is another fashionable plant that impresses with its colorful and patterned leaves.
However, it requires more attention, because he likes moist air and regular watering.
Kalatea grows best in places with diffused light.
Maranta has similar requirements, also called “prayer leaf”, it is another stylish plant for the living room.
Its unique, decorative leaves with delicate patterns and colors will be a beautiful addition to the interior.
Maranta prefers a delicate scattered light, spraying and regular watering.

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The lime color conquers trends

banana and citrus trees.
Your own tropics

This season among fashionable potted plants were those straight from the tropics: banana and citrus.
Contrary to appearances, they are doing really well at home.
They enjoy eco leather leaves, and over time mini, though inedible fruit.
It is worth remembering that these plants have completely different needs. in the summer months they require intensive watering and frequent fertilization.
They also need large pots and spraying.
They are susceptible to spider mites, although there is a way.
I must admit that these exotic plants at home look really phenomenal.

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