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Gladioli. When to plant them to bloom beautifully? Do not miss this date, but they will decorate the garden for a long time


Many gardeners wonder what can be planted in the garden in the near future so as not to miss the deadline.
Check how to cultivate and care for gladioli, and also when to plant roses and pansies.


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How to care for flowers in a vase so that they are beautiful for a long time?

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gardener calendar.
What when to plant?
Time is approaching for gladioli

m are boulevards and are planted from the end of April to the beginning of May. Remember that they should be placed in the soil, only when the frost disappears and outside is warm
and dry.
When we put the gladioli in a cold and too moist soil, they will most likely rot or get sick.
These flowers are lost to clay-sandy soil with good permeability.
They like sunny positions sheltered from the wind.
The glades begin to bloom about 3 months after planting.
We water them once a week.
Their flowering falls in mid -July until mid -September.
It is worth fertilizing gladioli with, for example, compost or mineral fertilizer.

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When to plant roses?
Here are the best dates

You don’t know when to plant roses?
Well, the best period for planting pink is the time from March to April or September to October.
We do not plant pink within.
These plants like sunny positions.
Let’s also remember about regular pruning.

When to plant?
Do not miss the date

If you are wondering when to plant pansies, remember that these flowers can be planted in March.
Brothers do not harm frost, but it is worth hardening them well.
After buying, keep them a few days on the balcony sheltered from the wind, and then put in the soil.

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