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He is 103 years old and regularly goes to the gym. He comes for training in full makeup and jewelry


Teresa Moore lives in Camarillo, California.
The woman is 103 years old and still goes to the gym regularly.
visits the local club three or four times a week.
It comes to exercise in full makeup and is always wearing jewelry.
Her activity even inspired her daughter.


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We are coming back to the gym, or how to plan training and prepare well for them?

is 103 years old and still goes to the gym.
Exercises give her energy

Teresa was born in Italy.
She got married in 1946, but she is already a widow.
Before she settled in California, she traveled around the world with her husband.
When the 103-year-old goes to the gym, she likes to walk on the treadmill the most and use various exercise instruments.
It easily lifts weights.
The old woman says that the exercises give her energy, but her daughter thinks that Teresa also leads her to the gym, her adventurous nature.
– He meets his friends there.
I think my mother is an interesting person – says the daughter of a woman, Sheila Moore.
Teresa inspires her daughter very much, who also decided to sign up for the gym.
She prompted her an active lifestyle of her mother.

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Prescription fortunately Teresa Moore?
Don’t regret anything

The daughter of Teresa confessed that after leaving Italy, her mother led a “nomadic” lifestyle.
It was only in the United States that she decided to stay permanently.
In addition to exercises, Teresa also likes to play bridge and go to the opera.
When asked about the secret to good health, the 103 -year -old advises to take care of immunity and not regret anything in her life. – try to be a happy man.
Think about good and beautiful things.
Try to notice beauty in everything – says Moore.

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She decided to cut them after 30 years

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