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Her daughter was hospitalized. She showed what her mother -in -law did every day. “You’re very lucky”


Relations between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law or son -in -law can be complicated.
It happens that there is disputes or quarrels between them, even pop culture presents them in an antagonized way.
Often, however, relations between the mother -in -law or the candle and daughter -in -law are completely normal and trouble -free.
And especially when beloved grandchildren are involved, misunderstandings go to the background.
One of these situations was shown some time ago by the Lisa Hayim thistker.


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her daughter was hospitalized.
Here’s what the mother -in -law did every morning

Lisa Hayim publishes on tikktoko content related to motherhood, and the heroine of many videos is her daughter.
Some time ago, the woman published a post in which she shared a special story with her observers.
This time, however, the main heroine was the mother -in -law.
It turned out that the 16-month-old daughter of Lisa went to the hospital for five days.
Grandma came with invaluable help.

The mother -in -law came every day from 6 am to 23, physically and mentally relieving me and my husband.
Grandma’s love is heroic

– wrote the author of the recording, on which you can see her grandmother patiently swaying in her arms granddaughter.

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Internet users affected by the mother -in -law behavior.
“We need more such grandmothers”

There have already been two thousand comments under the video, and the recording has already been recreated over 1.2 million times.
Internet users expressed admiration for their mother -in -law and were sensitive to her behavior.
Some of the observers took the goal of being such as a grandmother as Lisa’s mother -in -law.

I would like to have such a mother -in -law!
You are very lucky.

Super grandmother.

How nice to see a positive story with my mother -in -law!

There is nothing stronger than grandparents’ love.

Good job, grandmother!

We need more such grandmothers!

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