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How to alleviate the symptoms of menopause? Reach for natural ingredients. The plant that you will find in the meadow will help


Menopause is a time of complete cessation of ovulation and refers to the last menstruation.
Appears between 45 and 55 years.
Changes in the body do not occur suddenly.
Each woman can pass them in different ways, but many experienced and unpleasant symptoms.
These often appear even a few years before the last period.
Can it be softened somehow?
Many women reach for supplements or herbs.
Which of them is worth using?


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Does not have to hurt

Menopause symptoms.
Hot strokes are not everything

The first signals of the upcoming menopause are hot and cold impacts, irritability and frequent fatigue.
In addition, there is often an emotional swing.
When they become burdensome, it is worth going to a gynecologist, examining the level of hormones.
Hormonal changes, and especially lowering of estrogen levels, cause not only hot strokes.
Many women notice changes in metabolism, loss of skin firmness.
What other symptoms may appear during menopause?
Among others:

  • hypertension, palpitations,
  • headache and dizziness,
  • lowering libido,
  • vaginal dryness,
  • constipation problems.

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What is worth knowing about?

How to alleviate menopause?
You can reach for herbs

How to deal with troublesome symptoms of menopause?
Many people reach for herbs that can alleviate the ailments.
It is worth noting, however, that in the case of persistent problems, it is worth reporting to a doctor who can introduce appropriate drugs. before introducing herb dietary supplements, especially during hormonal therapy or after cancer treatment, it is also good to consult with
What herbs can alleviate the symptoms of menopause? as the Dzi.pl expert advises, mgr.
Joanna Skążńska, it is worth reaching for herbal extracts, which are rich in phytoestrogens (isoflavones, lignans and kumestans).
These are present, among others

  • soy (rich in isoflawon),
  • linseed oil (contains lignans),
  • red clover, hop cones, corn (they contain kumestans).

To relieve menopause symptoms, it is worth reaching for tea with the addition of lemon balm, sage, St. John’s wort and hops, which can have a positive effect on well -being and reduce excessive irritability. remember that after
Drinking St. John’s wort do not go out into the sun.
Diet is worth enriched with linseed oil.
Herbal supplements with the addition of the root of the head bug, which will alleviate hot impacts, can also help alleviate the unpleasant ailments.
Products with the addition of a plant extract, which can be found on every meadow, are also very popular.
I am talking about the red clover (also called meadow), which soothes the symptoms of menopause.
It is also worth reaching for the Immaculate Venexpets or soybean extract.

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