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How to clean gold? Pour into the water and soak the jewelry for 15 minutes. It will regain its former splendor


There is no doubt that gold is beautiful and can be the perfect complement to the stylization of every woman.
Plastic watches, rings or neck chains are often made.
Unfortunately, the jewelry is gray after some time, covered with dirt and loses its glow, so it’s worth cleaning it regularly.
It turns out that home remedies will help the same as specialized products from the store.
Here’s what to do.


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How often to clean gold jewelry?
Regularity is the basis and key to success

Gold jewelry is worth cleaning whenever you notice the first signs of dirt or loses a beautiful shine for the eye.
It happens that the sediment on the plastic takes the form of a green, black or purple coating. It is worth wipe golden rings and necklaces with spirit or vodka at least once a month (bypassing decorative eyes that could be damaged) and polish.
It is not recommended to do it above the sink, because it is enough for the jewelry to disappear in the outflow and pulling it out very difficult.

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how to clean gold?
Simple methods will quickly deal with dirt

In the interests of cleanliness and flawless gold splendor, it should be cleaned from time to time with home -made products and mixtures.
It is worth choosing methods using what you have at home.
Remember to be careful when cleaning jewelry with precious stones and other delicate decorations.

  1. baking soda paste – the method will work for larger dirt.
    Combine the product with a little water to create a thick mush and spread it thoroughly on jewelry.
    When 20 minutes pass, polish the item with a soft cloth and rinse it in water.
  2. dishwashing liquid – it’s a good trick for slight dirt.
    Soak gold in water with the addition of a few drops of product, and after 15 minutes, polish them with a cloth and wash with water.
  3. toothpaste – use the one that has no particles.
    Rub jewelry with a brush with the addition of the product, and then polish the object and wash it with water.
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