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How to get rid of pigeons? Pour into a bowl and put on the balcony. The birds will avoid him from afar


pigeons are eager to settle on window sills or balconies, where they even hit the nests.
Is there a golden mean to get rid of them?
We advise on how to chase these birds at home.


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Emma saves city pigeons.
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pigeons settled on your balcony or windowsill?
Act as soon as possible

These birds are happy to stay in cities – garbage cans, streets or parks are places where they set up because they have access to food there.
They also often appear in housing estates, among others on our balconies or window sills, where they sometimes even try to nest.
If you have noticed the presence of pigeons, it is better to start acting as soon as possible, because they are carriers of many diseases and parasites. do not feed the birds, and if they settled on your balcony and make a nest, remember that if there are already chicks,
You can’t remove them.

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Home remedies to scare the pigeons.
Vinegar will help you

One of the most popular ways is the net, but not every balcony can be mounted.
Many people also buy a plastic raven, which is designed to scare back pigeons, but the birds get used to it over time and cease to fulfill their function.
Here are home remedies to deter pigeons:

  • vinegar: The smell of vinegar effectively discourages birds from being within our balcony or window sill.
    Pour the vinegar into the container and leave, for example, at the balustrade.
  • naphtalina: pigeons hate its smell, so just leave the balls from the naphthale on the balcony or windowsill, and the birds should not fly.
  • CDs: reflect sunlight and scare back birds.

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