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How to whiten curtains? Pour two products into a bowl and soak the material before washing. They will be like new


Some wash curtains only several times a year – before Christmas or other special occasions.
However, it is worth doing this more often, because the material quickly collects dust and other impurities, which in time can negatively affect health.
If, after removing from the washing machine, the curtains do not impress with white as before, do not get rid of them.
Instead, use homemade mixtures that will bring out the original color and the material will look like new again.


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perfectly white curtains?
Two home remedies

What to soak the curtains to make them snow -white?
These home mixtures will effectively extract white

Not everyone knows that before washing the curtains in the washing machine it is worth soaking them in a solution that will allow you to extract the snow white of the material.
It turns out that some necessary products most of us already have in their kitchen or aid kit.
What is worth choosing?

  • salt and vinegar – such a combination should be used on curtains made of artificial fabrics.
    Just mix 10 liters of water with half a glass of vinegar, and finally add 4 tablespoons of salt.
    When the mixture is ready, soak the curtains in it for several hours.
    Thanks to this, they will regain white.
  • aspirin – dissolve in 5 l water 5 aspirin tablets and soak the curtains for several hours.
    Capsules will bring out the natural white of the material thanks to their properties.

squeeze and apply to the skin.
It costs PLN 3 and smoothes wrinkles

How to recover the white of the curtains?
Use baking soda from the kitchen

Another help in whitening of frozen curtains is the popular baking soda from the kitchen.
It can be used in two ways.

  1. dissolve 500 g of baking soda in 10 liters of water, soak the material and leave it for a few hours.
    After all, pick curtains in the washing machine.
  2. If you don’t have time to soak, apply a simpler way.
    Put the washing machine curtains and add baking soda inside.
    Add standard cleaning agents and run the program.
  3. baking soda thanks to its properties will make the material softer and more pleasant to the touch.

    Take care of hydrangea after frosts.
    It will bloom all summer

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