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Julia Faustina underwent DNA tests. “She is not a biological daughter of her parents from Poland”


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See video: the loudest disappearances in Poland.
Not all were explained, not all perpetrators were punished

Julia Faustina publishes photos and videos on the web, in which she points to her alleged similarity to the lost 16-year-old this little British, Madeleine McCann.
The polka also got loud abroad.


Although the parents of Julia Wendell and the Polish police deny the 21 -year -old claims, it is supported by an American private detective, also referred to as “medium” – FIA Johnsson.

Let us remind you that Julia Wendell went to the United States, because after publicizing the whole case she began to receive death threats.

As reported by the American tabloid “The Sun”, the 21-year-old finally underwent genetic research, which will reveal whether she is really missing 16 years ago Madeleine McCann.

If the results show that she is a British or comes from this area, we will continue the investigation into the Madeleine McCann case

– said fia johnsson.

We have a lot of evidence that indicates that Julia has certainly been smuggled into Poland from another country by an international group dealing with sexual trade.
We are still investigating, but Julia is definitely not the biological daughter of her parents from Poland – she concluded

– she added.

Julia’s parents took the floor.
“We have always tried to understand all situations”

Some time ago, the parents of Julia Wendell published a statement, thus referring to the whole case.
Informed that the 21-year-old suffers from mental disorders.

We have always tried to understand all situations that happened with Julia.
Numerous therapies, medicines, psychologists and psychiatrists – all Julka was assured.
She wasn’t left alone

– indicated marriage.

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The American portal also quotes the statement of Paweł Noga from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław.
The policeman states that the 21 -year -old version – that she was a girl missing in 2007 – “excluded”.

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