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Kinga Rusin lost 20 kg. Four products disappeared from the 52-year-old menu


Kinga Rusin celebrated its 52nd birthday on March 9.
The journalist is the mother of two adult daughters, and for several years she meets Marek Kujawa.
She is happy to publish photos on Instagram and shows fans what her everyday life looks like in Costa Rica.
It turns out that some time ago she lost about 20 kilograms. What is her secret?


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Kinga Rusin lost 20 kg and has been enjoying an impeccable figure for years.
What is the secret of the 52-year-old?

Kinga Rusin has been enjoying an impeccable figure for years.
It turns out that once, after the birth of two daughters, she weighed about 20 kilograms more than today, and in reducing the weight she was helped by a proper diet.
Rusin is struggling with Hashimoto, an autoimmune disease that negatively affects metabolism and hinders weight loss. A few years ago the journalist introduced restrictive changes to the diet.
She gave up eating two popular products – flour and sugar.
It also does not eat meat and milk, but he cares about hydration of the body and eats a lot of vegetables and fruits.
She exercises regularly, thanks to which she managed to sculpt her figure.
The presenter values spending time actively.
He likes horse riding, running, surfing and skiing.

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Kinga Rusin talked about a change in eating habits as early as 2017. “10 years ago I looked much worse”

Kinga Rusin already in 2017 raised the topic of changing eating habits on Instagram.
She noticed that the times in which we live do not help maintain health, and there is a lot of “chemistry” in food.
Despite this, thanks to the right efforts it is possible to maintain diet and good condition.

You have to take care of the body as much as the face.
Tap water full of “trees”, contaminated air, intensive tanning, chemistry in food accelerate skin aging, which breaks down and flashes.
[…] Some believe that I am a good example that despite the passage of years you can have a good figure and skin in a really good condition.
10 years ago I looked much worse.
I changed my diet, stopped eating the meat that I turned into vegetables, I started drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water or herbal teas a day, I move as soon as I can (and I don’t always want to)

– she wrote.

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